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The Gallery: Crimson Cuisine

There are worlds to explore in Crimson Boracay, the cuisine is one. The international food listing of the resort's restaurants can take you on a gastronomic journey across the globe. Italian? Indian? Japanese? Whatever your palate desires, the chefs can whip up delectable savories and saccharine wonders. 

The mood? If you want a romantic interlude over fine wine and mouthwatering grilled fare, head to Mosaic Latin American Grill. 

It's always a kiss the ocean-view mornings with a hearty breakfast at Saffron Cafe.

If you prefer the sight and sound of lapping waves and sea breeze, there's the seaside Azure Beach Club. 

Here are some of the dishes I tried and loved!

All natural absorption: Vitamin C + Vitamin D.
A refreshing watermelon shake while working on that tan.

Azure Garden Salad. Roasted Beet, Quinoa, Edamame, Arugula, Guava Vinaigrette.
This came highly recommended & found out why after just one bite.

Forever favorite Chinese appetizer. Salt & Pepper Squid.
Szechuan pepper, sesame oil, spring onions & chili.

 Rib Eye Steak. 100% US Certified Angus Beef. Served with a choice of sauce & side dish.
It was cooked the way I like it - seasoned with salt & pepper (I never pour any sauce on my steaks). Grilled perfectly, slicing it was like like cutting through a ripe banana with a butter knife.

Chicken Tandoori.
Served with Coriander Salad, Naan bread & Mint Chutney

Truly an Indian treat. Tender and flavorful chicken! 
Tandoori & curry dishes by the Indian chef are highlights in the menu

Best Italian pairing. Always.
Wood Fire Oven Four Cheese Pizza, a special order & Ragu Alla Bolognese. Classic Beef & Pork Sauce, Parmesan.

This Burger: 100% beef. Served with bacon, Cheddar cheese & fried egg.  An afternoon treat or even a main meal.
Bite into the tender & juicy (& thick) patty & savor the all beefy goodness.

A bite of Japan. Dragon Roll. Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, avocado & BBQ eel

Dark Chocolate & Caramel Mousse Bar
How can I say no to dark chocolate? 

Tiramisu. Coffee-flavored desserts are winners for me.

P.S. I have to go back and try the other dishes!