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Crimson Boracay, in a heartbeat & art beat

At Crimson Boracay. Frolic on a secluded beach just like what it was decades ago

Summer, temperature in the high 30’s. Where do sun worshippers want to be? Where the sea breeze is blowing and the water is blue and cool. Boracay, in a heartbeat. 

Deprived of travel to paradise for over two years, the best island welcome should be nothing less than a red carpet. Better yet, one in a deeper shade of red, like a “Crimson” carpet. It will be a well-deserved indulgence. 

It’s a VIP treatment that starts upon arrival at the Caticlan airport. Guests are escorted to the Crimson Boracay’s Welcome Pavilion a short drive away for refreshments and a first dose of fresh ocean breeze in the privacy of a seaside lounge. No mob, no queues, nothing of the Caticlan Jetty Port bustle. The private satellite facility is the first of its kind by any Boracay Island resort. It’s a unique service that sets the bar high in providing guests with an exclusive and seamless arrival experience. It also presents a preview of what lies ahead in the island resort— warm hospitality, modern comforts, refreshing retreat, the serenity of seclusion and most importantly, superb service. 

VIP treatment starts here. Crimson Boracay's Welcome Center in Caticlan. The first of its kind by any Boracay resort

The Welcome Center is a satellite lounge of the resort

Departing from the marina of the Welcome Center, the scenic speed boat ride offers a glimpse of the island action as it zips through the 5-kilometer stretch of Boracay’s White Beach. Station 3, Station 2, Station 1, are seen from a different perspective. The ride slows down as it approaches a cove with a secluded beach, stopping at a private floating jetty. It’s the destination: Crimson Resort & Spa at Station Zero. 

The speed boat trip to the resort offers a peek at Boracay's action from a different point of view.

The stylish arrival by sea, a secluded beach, an enticing pool and multi-level white structure in modern tropical architecture collectively incites excitement, whispering amorously, “Everything you need and want is here.” And the message etches deeper into the subconscious as one takes a walk thru the impressive resort facilities and manicured courtyards, thru the tropical chic lobby onto a stately suite where large, floor-to-ceiling picture windows frame the picturesque Boracay skyline. Fair warning, sunset viewing from the private sanctuary can draw intimacy. 

Art & architecture. The lobby of Crimson Boracay

Manicured courtyard.

It may be a challenge to let go of the suite’s lavish embrace and suppress the call of the Boracay sun, sand and surf. The suites are spacious, showered with comfort and modern appointments that can pamper any worldly traveler. The private plunge pool or the bathtub will seduce anyone to stay in. It’s an option. 

It may be difficult to detach from the embrace of the suite with all its offerings- space, luxury

Framing the sunset. Catching the golden hour from the privacy of a suite.

But don’t give in too soon. There’s still a world to explore in Crimson Boracay, the cuisine is one. Whether you want to extend the romantic interlude over fine wine and mouthwatering grilled fare at Mosaic Latin American Grill, or kiss ocean-view mornings with a hearty breakfast at Saffron Cafe, or prefer the sight and sound of lapping waves and sea breeze at the seaside Azure Beach Club, the restaurants’ international food listing can take you on a gastronomic journey across the globe. Italian? Indian? Japanese? Whatever your palate desires, the chefs can whip up delectable savories and saccharine wonders. 

Travel the world via your palate at Crimson Boracay.

Bright mornings call for a hearty breakfast at Saffron Cafe.

Seaside dining at Azure Beach Club

Undeniably, the allure of Boracay is its turquoise blue waters and fine white sand. Crimson Boracay has its fair share. The location in a fine corner of a cove blesses the resort with a stretch of shoreline it can call its own. Its seclusion paints a picture of Boracay’s distant past when only a handful of people were lucky enough to walk the powdery carpet and swim in its cool waters. To frolic in the exclusive stretch in solitude is to relive the island’s yesteryears. 

The allure of Boracay - turquoise blue waters, fine white sand & amazing sunsets.

While the cooling sea is an escape from the heat, so are the infinity pools molded on the different levels of the resort’s sloping terrain, each presenting a view that connects the still water to the ocean seamlessly. The difference? The absence of waves in the pools make the summer drink or the sunset cocktail on hand safe. 

Connect to the deep blue through one of the resort's infinity pools (Photo: Crimson Boracay)

Calling it a day? Not just yet. You may be longing to be back in the arms of the suite’s sweet embrace after a day of basking in the warmth of the tropical sun and watch it set in the horizon, frolicking at the beach and feasting on flavorsome bites, but an indulgent therapy at the spa is how to appropriately end the day. Any one of Aum Spa’s unique therapies is healing. It can quiet the mind, relax the tired body, and rejuvenate the sun-drenched skin. A good massage is a benchmark for a remarkable vacation. To deprive oneself of much-deserved pampering is a disservice to one’s soul. 

The inner sanctum. Thru Aum Spa's stylish halls, a visual treat before one's journey to wellness.

Now, sleep soundly on the firm bed wrapped in crisp white linen. Wake up to a brand new day with the hues of blue of the sky and sea glowing through the window. And, repeat the Crimson Boracay indulgence. 

It’s summer. Traveling is once more hassle-free. Tell me, in a heartbeat, where do you want to be? 

P.S. Travel safely. Crimson Boracay’s COVID-19 safety protocol is still in place. 

Sleep, wake up & repeat the Crimson Boracay indulgence.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

Crimson's art beat 

Art runs in the veins of Crimson Boracay and artist-art lover-general manager Patrick Manthe is the beating heart. The man infused art into the resort’s ecosystem, even going beyond the walls of the resort and getting the community involved. 

GM & artist Patrick Manthe, standing before his artwork, is the beating heart of Crimson Boracay's art life. 

Art is uplifting, a morale booster for both the creator and the spectator. The pandemic makes the thought more relevant than ever. Thus, a plan was conceived: to advocate art in all its forms and make the resort the art hub of Boracay. 

Initiating the art program, he invited Angono artist Eric Egualada to be the resort’s resident artist. Creative activities were formulated and executed. 

Inclusivity is exercised in art workshops. Not only are art classes offered to in-house guests, it also welcomes local residents and staff members, too. Why limit the glow of positivity art can exude? 

Art classes for in-house guests. Resident artist Eric Egualada leads.

The adult classes take an interesting turn with the art and wine pairing sessions at the shoreline studio using the Azure beach Club at an appointed date and time. Perhaps fine wine can aid in the creation of fine art? 

Out of the studio to the dining hall, Art on a Plate merges art and cuisine. It offers a multi-sensorial experience that feasts the eyes with visually attractive plating, tickles the palate with the play of flavors while artists stage an audio-visual indulgence. 

The ARTS in Youth program aims to develop a new breed of talents. The Crimson Boracay will sponsor a select group of students through their artistic education. From color theory to style, the different media to discussion on art movements, the talents will be able to broaden their knowledge of art and perhaps discover their personal style. The artworks of the program’s first batch of students are on exhibit at the resort. 

The pursuit of creativity is unending. Expect more art activities at Crimson Boracay in the coming days. 

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.