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In Crimson Boracay: Aum Spa

Take a journey to wellness at Crimson Boracay's Aum Spa

Boracay. If the plan is to cocoon in the cool comforts of a well-appointed suite in the island paradise, no, it won’t happen. Although Crimson Resort’s suite is a world of comfort where everything is within arms reach: a private plunge pool, a bathtub, coffee, call in the entire menu, and a firm bed to lie in all day and watch movies or view the sea and sunset, that’s just one R in R&R. 

A Boracay vacation doesn’t happen that way. The allure of the island is too hard to resist. Everyday is a frolic-at-the-beach day: bask in the warm tropical sun, get a tan, dip in the cool, crystal clear sea water, walk on fine white sand, feast on the island’s flavorsome bites, grab a cocktail and catch the glorious sunset from the shoreline. 

From fiery orange the skies turn deep blue and the suite beckons. But don’t call it a day just yet. 

What is the benchmark of a remarkable vacation? A good massage. This is how to appropriately end a day.  

Crimson Boracay has Aum Spa for a much-deserved therapeutic indulgence. Any one of the spa’s unique therapies is healing. It can quiet the mind, relax and energize the tired body, and rejuvenate the sun-drenched skin. 

By design, Aum Spa is located in a quiet section of the resort, where the serene surroundings give an assurance of undisturbed tranquility. This, and the modern interior in slate and wood with curated chic accents in tropical hues, set the mood of a relaxing journey to wellness. 

Enter Aum Spa. The receiving area.

The first level of Aum Spa holds the receiving area, where guests go through the customary evaluation, and the “Foot Lounge” discreetly hidden along the hallway where the elevator and flight of stairs that lead to the upper level are as well. 

Modern tropical chic.

First level. Foot Lounge on the left, elevator & stairs on the right

Stair(well) to heaven

On the second level is a Tea Lounge and seven therapy rooms— four Single Rooms, two Couples Room and one Vichy Room.

The Tea Lounge

Within the walls of each chamber, the noise of the outside world is hushed. Only the soft tones of calming music fill the room. The volume of which can be set upon request. So are the room temperature and the lighting. All aspects of a restorative journey are fashioned according to the guest’s wishes. 

Each therapy begins with the foot bath, a cleansing ritual.

The prelude to each therapy is a cleansing ritual, a foot bath where a gentle massage is applied. 

Comfortably lounged on the massage bed, the therapist begins the body treatment, asking if the pressure is suitable. Perhaps these are the last words one can remember before drifting to slumberland. 

It’s amazing how time flies when getting a good massage. 

Now, put yourself in this story. Change all words referencing the third person to “I” and immerse yourself into the Aum Spa experience. 

Always remember that to deprive oneself of this much-deserved pampering is a disservice to one’s soul. 

What's a fabulous vacation without a good massage?