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It's easy ti fall in love with Paris

Travel while you can. Nothing beats seeing the world with your own eyes. 

I have traveled across the Philippines and parts of Southeast Asia, yet it took one trip to Europe in 2004 to finally realize I love traveling. Spain was delicious in every way, the Pyrenees in winter was a vision in white, Paris was breathtaking. The trip was worth every centavo saved.

Yes, the love affair came late, I was 30. Not too old to fall in love. It was the Universe saying, "Now that you can afford it, hop on that plane and see the world!" And I traveled every chance I got. I became a regular commuter.

One Autumn morning at the Shrines and Temples of Nikko, a World Heritage Site in Nikkō, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan.

There are places that land on the favorite list. Japan in Spring, when the Cherry Blossoms take us closest to heaven; Paris is beautiful at any time of year; Rome is culturally enriching but the birthplace of the Renaissance, the Tuscany Valley, and it's amazing localities - Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Pisa - elevates the thrill; the Basque Region of Spain offers a culinary adventure so does Seoul in South Korea, too!; Bangkok is electric, just like New York City; Boracay during the rainy season when island is deserted, but that was during the early years. The list is long.

Japan in Spring. The Sakura season is heavenly.

Writing for SunStar Davao newspaper since 2000 and extending the published stories to the jeepneyjinggoy.com website give me the opportunity to share my adventures. The readers get a glimpse of different places through my eyes. However, there's no substitute for personal experience. Don't let me tell you Japan, Paris or any other place is beautiful. Go travel, see it for yourself, and say, "Yes, this place is beautiful."

Until then, travel with The Commuter. Perhaps one of the stories can give you that "push" to book a flight to a dream destination.