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Myeongdong: the bright lights, the vibrant streets & Moxy

Always in good company at Bar Moxy

Film, fashion, music, cuisine, the Korean wave has engulfed the globe. South Korea is dominating the scenes, and just about every fan wants a bite of the big K. The country is on the travel radar now more than ever. 

In the capital city, Myeongdong is a Pied Piper playing tunes that lures in the crowd, especially the first-time travelers. Its bright lights and energy are seductive. It’s an exciting district day and night, a go-to neighborhood for recreation, shopping and dining. From luxury labels to homegrown brands, major department stores to small shops, and an array of cuisines from casual dining restaurants, themed cafes to the night market’s street food feasting, you’ll find it in the district. To resist the unique allure of Myeongdong is a challenge. 

The nightly scene at Myeongdong

If Myeongdong's unique charm is your cocktail of preference, why stray far? Live where the action is! In Seoul’s popular districts like Myeongdong, there are several hotels to choose from. Depending on your preferences—brand, looks, location, cost, amenities— the list will be narrowed down to one or two that will catch your fancy. And if you love living every exciting second of the dynamic district to the max, one hotel will make this possible. 

At the heart of the vibrant zone, steps away from the most happening streets, is a hotel that mirrors the energy and spirit of Myeongdong— Moxy. The Marriott brand puts the capital F in fun with its playful yet stylish vibe that resonates in its soul. The excitement and energy is seamless between the lively streets of Myeongdong and the halls of Moxy.

Moxy Seoul Myeongdong mirrors the vibrant energy of the district in its soul

Moxy will appeal to the young at heart and free-spirited traveler, those who live in the moment and welcome new experiences openly. With its attractive price point, you can splurge on the experiences that matter most to you during your travels. 

Welcome to Moxy Seoul Myeongdong. Barely a year old, the young hotel promises a unique experience, and it starts at the doorstep. You get enveloped in a visual treat with its contemporary interior dotted with art installations worthy of museum space. This modern vibe moves with you as you make your way through the other chambers, including the all-important central social space. It’s a space that encapsulates the hotel’s thrust in accentuating the “more” in its “less is more” concept—Bar Moxy. 

Contemporary interior aesthetics dotted with art installations worthy of museum space

Bar Moxy is bold, inviting & exciting

Designed with an industrial chic aesthetic— bold and inviting, surprising and oozing with energy with its polished concrete floors, exposed beams and open ceiling, Bar Moxy is where everything transpires, the hub of the hotel’s activities. This bar does not only serve you ‘Got Moxy’ cocktail upon arrival (it’s on the house, of course), it will also serve your room key. Yes, this is THE hotel’s check-in counter. Moreover, Bar Moxy is also the dining room, the library and play zone, the living area and cocktail lounge, accessible 24/7 with a self-service grab-and-go concept allowing you access to what you want, whenever you want it. Day to night, coffee to wine, check-in to check out, it’s the one space where travelers and locals alike can hang-out with friends and meet new ones. Functional and fun, Moxy Bar gives a new meaning to the phrase “full service bar.” 

This bar is serves cocktails & your room key. Yes, Bar Moxy is whre you check in, too

Industiral chic. Bar Moxy is the hub of the hotel’s activities from sunrise to sun down

Play on!

Manning the bar is the Moxy Crew. Trained in the “art of improv,” the skilled and energetic crew can think outside the box and roll with anything guests require. Ask about what to expect from Moxy and they will surprise you with Moxy’s fresh new twist on the amenities with Moxy ‘Hookups’. It’s creative, which will make you say that Moxy is indeed unlike other hotels.

The bedrooms stage a pop of ingenuity. Less is more, small yet smart. The spaces highlight an impressive intermix of edgy with functionality. Each of the 205 tech savvy rooms presents an open storage concept that features a peg wall that hangs clever, modular design featuring custom furniture that is dual purpose and foldaway. Personalize your space. Choose and unfold the units you need for work, dining or entertaining, the room will adapt to your needs. In turn, the peg wall serves as clothes storage eliminating the need for cabinetry which maximizes the floor space for uninterrupted movement. 

The Moxy rooms just brags of how smart it is

Good night's sleep guaranteed

Pegs across the room to hang not just clothes but modular custom furnitures as well

Moxy Guest Room with two double beds

Moxy guest room with queen bed & single loft

Moxy guest room with queen bed

A Moxy Suite is also available for guests who want to throw a party in style, featuring a dining area and a bar.

Now, the bathroom. Perhaps the vital area for world travelers and Moxy will not disappoint. Its industrial look is bold in black and white, functional with a one-compartment layout for shower, and vanity that features Moxy's signature MUK toiletries. If you’re in love with Japan’s heated seat lavatory, your Moxy room has it. 

Black & white with a pop of color by Moxy's signature MUK toiletries. Big plus- the heated lavatory seats!

Any globetrotter will encounter surprises, and Moxy’s unconventional approach to unique and fun hospitality will surely be one. The hotel boldly breaks the rules of a conventional hotel stay. When heading to Seoul, experience the vibrant energy of Myeongdong on the streets and inside Moxy. 

What Moxy promises. Good times on the streets of Myeongdong & inside the hotel

“The opening of Moxy Seoul Myeongdong will unlock the destination for guests to our city through creative, cultured guest experiences while at the same time, celebrating nonconformity, open mindedness and originality,” said James Lee, Cluster General Manager, Le Méridien and Moxy Seoul Myeongdong. “We look forward to welcoming guests to explore and discover all that Seoul has to offer.” 

Catching up with Erin Lim, Erin, Senior Communications Manager of Marriott International Korea

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