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In Richmonde Hotel Iloilo: LaMeza Ilonggo, heritage cuisine on the modern table

It’s like the Pied Piper. However, it’s not music that lures the folks in but the cuisine. Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is playing sweet music to the tune of sizzling pans and grills to induce the appetite and tickle the palates of diners.  The composer? Ilonggo Executive Chef Ariel Castañeda, Jr., with a culinary team as the orchestra.  

Under the baton of the hotel’s general manager, Natalie Lim, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s cuisine is continuously evolving to keep the local foodies wondering what’s up their sleeve. 

Lim admits that they are enticing everyone with food, especially the locals. With the populace more confident stepping out of their bubbles, but still anxious to go beyond borders, the hotel is on top of mind of the staycationers. So why not offer a total fun experience indoors by serving exciting cuisine? 

“Ilonggos love to eat and they love to eat their own food,” she said, explaining that no matter what new cuisine enters the city, they will still go back to their comfort food. This is why Richmonde has become creative and innovative with their food concepts, including the introduction of the degustation menus that salutes the Ilonggo cuisine—LaMeza Ilonggo. 

“LaMeza Ilonggo is interpreting Ilonggo heritage cuisine on a modern table,” said the GM. It’s one of the hotel’s tribute to the city that welcomed them to the community, along with championing Iloilo's artisans, farmers, growers, etc., via the ‘support local’ campaign. Just like several of the hotels’ dining and interior appointments, all of LaMeza Ilonggo’s ingredients are sourced locally.

“As Ilonggos, my kitchen team and I are honored to present our own interpretation of the dishes, ingredients, and flavors we grew up with to our fellow kababayans. With our modern take on classic Ilonggo fare, we hope to bridge the gap between the past and the present,” shares Chef Ariel. General Manager Natalie Lim adds, “There is no replacing Iloilo’s treasured original heirloom recipes. We, however, believe in keeping these fresh, exciting, and interesting. This is our way of preserving the legacy of the region’s food culture.”

At present, the 5- and 7-course degustation dinner events are hosted by the hotel. However, the hotel has been receiving a number of inquiries about it. It will be available to the dining public soon, said Lim.

LaMeza Ilonggo 5-Course Degustation

1st course 
Pancit Molo Xia Long Bao 
Pancit Molo Gelee, House-made Wonton Skins, Diced Pork & Shrimp, Spring Onion Confit & Chili Sauce

2nd course 
Baked Talaba Bombs 
Fresh Oysters, Milk, Butter, Garlic Confit

3rd course 
Chicken Inasal Skewers 
Grilled Chicken Inasal, Soy Pearls, Chicken Skin Tuile, Pickled Vegetables 

4th course 
Ilonggo Karne Frita 
Sweet Potato Puree, Grilled Filet Mignon, Shallot Confit, Citrus Onion Gravy 

Palate Cleanser 
The Ilonggo Lick It Up!
Batuan Jam, Mango Compote, Carabao Cheese
5th course 
House-made Mascuvado Ice Cream 
Tempered Chocolate Tuile, Mascuvado Ice Cream. Latik Sauce, Mascuvado Streusel

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