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Discovery Shores Boracay: Discover the cuisine

Embark on a Discovery Shores Boracay food adventure

If you haven't yet, then you should reserve a seat. The view of the White Beach - one of the widest in the island - from the Sands and Indigo restaurants make each dining experience unique and memorable. The panorama is refreshing at the break of dawn and romantic at sunset. No matter the time of day, the Boracay beach makes a perfect backdrop (and companion!) to every meal.

Refreshing. The view served with breakfast.

Romantic. This view served with dinner.

The scene and cuisine are both nourishing to the senses. Savoring nature's wonder and the food offerings on the Discovery Shores menu is an experience--and worth discovering for yourself. It can answer your question why the place and food are popular, if not loved, by the resort's patrons.

The secret ingredient to the flavorful cuisine? Shared culinary knowledge. According to Julius Alegre, the resort's F&B Associate Director, the toque-d heads in the kitchen come from different backgrounds, palates adept in their respective regional cuisine. Everyone is involved in each conceptualized dish, whichever region it's from. So, whatever ends up on the menu is a product of many culinary minds -- or tongues. 

While the Classic Filipino cuisine at Sands Restaurant and the seasonal fare using the best ingredients available at Indigo Restaurant are highlighted at the beachfront, the Italian fare at the Forno Osteria, shines on the resort's higher ground. The resto by the main road is a go-to place in the island for freshly baked pizzas served straight out of a brick oven and grilled steaks perfectly cooked on the Josper charcoal oven/grill. Pasta? The twirled noodles on your fork is a world of delight.

You may not have a view of the famed Boracay White Beach but in this restaurant, the flavors will paint a picture of your fondest food adventure in Italy in the spot X-ed as your favorite.

Forno Osteria, the go-to Italian restaurant in the island

Table for...?

At Sands Restaurant..

Breakfast of champs. Champorado using PH produce Auro chocolate. 

Breakfast must-eat: Beef adobo

At Indigo Restaurant...

To die for- the Octopus Salad

Catch of the day- Grouper, grilled.

Tenderly delicious- Baby Back Ribs

At Forno Osteria...

Brick oven baked pizza is popular at this joint

Ricotta Caprese

Rib Eye Steak. USDA Angus Beef seasoned with sea salt & crushed black peppercorns: grilled & roasted to perfection in the Josper charcoal oven

The Wagyu of Pork! Iberico Secreto

Linguini alla Vongole

An Italian classic for dessert, the Tiramisu