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Davao travelers' destinations & travel tips

Globe trotters are excited that another travel sale is coming up. I am pretty sure I will see the same faces that I bump into twice a year. It’s actually becoming like a reunion of travelers.  Yes, we’re out in search for the best deals because the more affordable fares increase the number of bucket-listed destinations to visit.

Where are the travel bug-bitten people off to? What are the travel tips they abode by? Let’s ask them.

Malouchi Gahol. Spain & Portugal are on the calendar. It will bring lovely memories of my trip there with my Mom which I can share with my husband & children this time. Apart from the culture and the food, I am looking forward to going to Montserrat and Fatima. 

Here are a few of my travel tips: 1. Arrange an itinerary but remain flexible. Some of the most memorable things happen when they are unplanned; 2. Organize travel documents (with duplicate copies) and don’t keep all your cash and credit card in one place; 3. Hydrate and use sunblock; 4. Pack smart, pack light; and 5. Be adventurous but always be alert and cautious. Be mindful and be in the moment. The memories you make in travel are priceless.

Malouchi Gahol & Kay Gempesaw are off to Portugal. A favorite among visitors is the Ribera area along Porto's Duoro River is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Kay Gempesaw. We’re travelling to Spain and Portugal for our 20th wedding anniversary and to Tokyo this summer with the kids.

Some travel tips I abide to: 1. Book airline, accommodations, tours, shows, etc. in advance, and travel on off seasons to get the best deals and avoid the crowds; 2. Always get travel insurance; 3. Talk to the locals. They can point you to unique sites; 4. Have a photocopy of your travel documents in two separate bags. 

Brenda Cabang. It’s Taiwan on March, USA in April and London around August. Except for the US, I am excited to see the other two cities for the first time. 

My travel tip? Travel light and bring an extra bag in case you feel the need to shop. 

Brenda Cabang & Erika Mata want to see a new place and is going to London. A view of Londons cityscape (Photo by Wikipedia Commons)

Erika Mata. My husband and I are going to London this March to spend quality time with each other. 

Before traveling, I always make sure that all our outfits for the entire trip are planned; color-coded and appropriate for the weather. This way, we won’t have trouble getting dressed during our vacation, plus our photos will look pretty with our matching colors.

Nina Custodio. I’m eyeing to soak myself in the culture, feast on local cuisine and see the sites of Japan and Taiwan, places I haven’t been to; visit family and shop in the US; and revisit Korea to see more of the place in the different seasons.

Nina Custodio is in love with Korea and experience the different seasons

Research is key, like know the weather conditions, stock up on meds and wear comfy shoes. Travel insurance! Always ask for the hotel card in the local language. It will come in handy if you have to take the taxi to get home. Rent wi-fi and download the apps you need.

Gay Te. We’re heading to Honolulu and spend all our time exploring the place. We’d like to visit the Big Island. They say these spots are very beautiful!

Gay Te wants to explore the Big Ilsnad in Hawaii. This is the Lava tube at Volcanoes National Park (Photo by Wikipedia Commons)

Ina Briones. Osaka in January, Paris in February, July in Bangkok, Singapore in November. Except for Paris, where I’m going to study, the three Asian cities are my favorite cities to eat and shop and visited annually.

Because of its food, Osaka is an annual stop for Ina Briones (Photo by Sanga Park)

Travel tips. Book hotels where airport transfers are near; pack light because you usually shop when you travel; and most importantly, eat in local restaurants where they serve local delicacies.

Mary Anne Tan-Guino-o. I want to see Hanoi. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Hanoi place especially the culture and arts scene. It’s an affordable place to shop and eat. 

Mary Anne Guinoo wants to immerse in the arts, culture & suisine of Hanoi, Vietnam. St Joseph's Cathedral is a 19th-century neo-gothic style church (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

When I travel I make sure I bring the right clothes. I don't believe in OTD’s and over-packing. I’m a foodie and I always leave space for food unique to the country I want to take it home.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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