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Harbour City Hong Kong, what you may have missed or may not know


Been there, done that. You can say this about the Harbour City Mall. You’re familiar with the shopping paradise. But in Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, I’m sure you haven’t seen everything.


Always exciting. The 2016 Holiday set-up of Harbour City 

Here are six things you can add to your list to make your next trip to the mall an interesting one.


The art gallery.

 Check out the art gallery

That bag or shoes may be your artwork, but for another kind of art head to the Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre) beside Fendi. Setup 10 years ago, the gallery has hosted exhibitions by top-notch international artists, including Yayoi Kusama, and local artists as well.


The Michelin-starred restaurants.

There are countless dining choices in the complex and if you want the cuisine with a “star,” there are three Michelin one-star restos in the complex: China Tang (Shop 4101, 4F, Gateway Arcade), serving Cantonese cuisine; Sushi Tokami (Shop 216A, Level 2, Ocean Centre), said to have its fresh ingredients flown daily from Japan; and Epure (Shop 403, Level 4, Ocean Centre) serving contemporary French cuisine in an elegant and strikingly decorated dining room.


That “tea shop”.

Chances are you’ve passed by this teashop. But I bet you don’t know it’s also a luxury skincare store as well.


Cha Ling is more than just a teashop.

Cha Ling is a cosmetic line developed by LVMH Recherche using Pu’er tea from the Yunnan Province of China. Harvested from 1,800 year old trees (for drinking tea) and 500 year old trees (for the cosmetic line), the Pu’er forest teas is known for its detoxifying and antioxidant properties. It is healthy as it is helpful in preserving beauty due to its purifying and strengthening effect on the skin, which maintains its youth for longer.


LVMH skin care brand, Cha Ling
Cha Ling's skin care line is made from Pu'er tea


The French brand only has three stores in the world, one is in Paris and two are in Hong Kong, one of which is in Harbour City.


The Japanese ice cream shop.

The taste of gold. i Cremeria's Japanese soft ice cream with gold leaf


For dessert, try I Cremeria (Shop OTG03A, G/F, Ocean Terminal). It’s Japanese ice cream using premium ingredients and presents it in a fun way, like fresh fruit parfaits including ice cream in Japanese watermelon or even your ice cream in a sugar cone—but wrapped in gold leaf. Precious!


The Terraces, the 4th level terraces of Ocean Center.


Waiting for sunset. The mall's west terraces are great for viewing sunsests


Take a breather and head to the 4th level terraces of the Ocean Center. Facing the West, this area offers a spectacular view of the setting sun with the Victoria Harbour on its foreground. It’s a dreamy sight, and romantic, too, if you’re with someone special.


The Shoppers’ Care Center.


Although there are concierge desks to point you at the right direction, the Customer Care Center is a lounge that offers amenities to visitors.


It’s difficult to be romantic when you’re lugging a ton of shopping bags. However, there is the Shoppers’ Care Center to help you. It has lockers to store your shopping bags, serve complimentary beverage, and offers a lot more services. Shop 306A, Level 3, Ocean Terminal.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.