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Qi, an oasis of rejuvenation in Taipei

Taipei is a walking and eating city. If you’re a first time visitor like I was, then expect to make a million steps from touring the sites and very tired trotters at day’s end and a busted diet from gorging on the gastronomic delights. You will lose your balance, your “Chi”, like I did.

But there is an oasis in Taipei you can escape to regain your balance and give you back the energy you need for more explorations of the city’s sights and speed up metabolism to be able to enjoy more of the cuisine— the Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa on the 40th floor of Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.

In this spa you’ll emerge energized and feeling like royalty.

Energized because the spa works on the fundamentals of the ancient Asian philosophy and medicine, “Chi,” the vital energy that exists in the human body. A proper flow of “Qi” generates a good balance between the mind and body that strengthens self-healing abilities and maintains good health.

Pampered like royalty because in Japan, Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa originally catered to serve the Royal family, social elites and celebrities. The Spa inherited the essence of beauty service from Shiseido Japan with a hundred years of beauty experience. All treatments are designed to use exclusive products created by Shiseido Beauty Science Institute.

Although Qi is both a salon and a spa, I was there for the latter to give my tired body the pampering it deserved and regain my energy.

In this spa, the theory of “Chi” is incorporated in the Western spa massage. Treatments are preceded with professional techniques based on meridians and acupoints in the body.

Ikebana. Minimalism in interior design

Tea and consultation came first. Based on my skin type, life style and eating habit, the Qi therapist personalized my treatment to suit my needs.

Tea to start. The journey to relaxation starts with a cup of warm tea

From the extensive menu offering a variety of body treatments and facials, the “Well Balanced-Jetlag Recovery Massage”, one of the two therapies of Qi exclusive to Taiwan, came recommended. The treatment features an application of deeper and softer massage on 10 parts divided according to different muscles alignment and use of habit, to precisely relax all types of fatigue. Sufficient massage movement will stimulate hormones providing similar results from exercising.

I was then lead to a private space, my oasis for rejuvenation.

A room with a view of Taipei. The curtains are drawn olnly before & after treatment

Only into the first few minutes of the therapy, I drifted to slumber land, and was gently awakened what felt like only a few minutes later. The therapy was over, I was told. One hundred 115 minutes flew by too quickly.

No matter, the body aches from days of walking were no more.

Rejuvenated, I was tempted to dive into Taipei’s vibrant night scene but wanted to cherish my time in the comforts of my Shangri-La suite and save the new found energy for the next day’s exploration.

Tea to end. The after treatment treat

Visit their website: www.qispa.com.tw

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.