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Bangkok malling: Dining at The Helix

A travel agent once told me that a good itinerary for her Pinoy tourists has listed these: a good hotel, a visit to the known attractions for “I’ve been to the ________” photo op, and shopping time (or all hell will break lose) for “Look what I bought at ________” show and tell sessions back home.

Others travel to eat, while most of the times a packaged tour will take you to restaurants for mere nourishment, it is during the allotted free time that foodies can go on a culinary tour.

If you find yourself in Bangkok, this ultra-chic mall is for the shopper and foodie in you. Hit two birds with a single stone in this place.

Perhaps even three, the mall is also known as a selfie paradise.

EmQuartier is high-end shopping mall in the Big Mango’s Phrom Phong District. It’s new, the architecture very modern and trendsetting, and is an exciting destination to shop and dine.

Within its three quarters - the Waterfall, Glass and the Helix - are luxury boutiques, high street fashion brands and a bevy of food outlets.

The Waterfall Quartier, 1 of 3 quarters of the EmQuartier

It’s a single stop where you can shop to your heart’s desires (or your credit card’s limit) and a feast on culinary treats.

Although there’s a food hall and other food outlets on the different levels of the EmQuartier, it’s at The Helix Quarter where dining is made a bit more exciting with its extraordinary concept.

What’s unique about The Helix is its design. About 50 restaurants offering various cuisines flank a spiral ramp (think: spiral staircase minus the steps) that leads from the 6th to the 9th floor, and encircling a 100-meter long “rainforest chandelier.”

100-meter long “Rainforest Chandelier"

The spectacular hanging garden feature brings a patch of the verdant outdoors into the white modern formation. Enjoy this interior view or the panoramic cityscape through the picture windows of 43 restaurants.

Of course, the photo has to be dessert.

Choosing a place to eat at the Helix is like window-shopping for cuisine through a circular path. However, if you don’t feel like walking and have selected a restaurant from the directory, you can take the escalator or hop in the elevators to its location. 

But may I suggest the exploration on foot, as you’d be surprised at what you may encounter—that delectable dish on the menu or on a chair (if you get my drift)?

EmQuartier refers to the Helix as a “dining extravaganza” with its four levels dedicated to offer a wide range of culinary specialties. From Thai to Japanese, from Chinese to Mexican, Italian to French, in a range of styles from authentic to fusion, comfort food to nouvelle cuisine, there will be something that’ll sate your craving or look forward to dining at on the next visit.

It’s fancy dining (plus ambience and service) in a luxury mall so know what to expect when it comes to price. It’s still affordable though, if you ask me, the thrifty diner.

The BTS Skytrain is fastest way to get to EmQuartier. The PhromPhong station provides a direct link to the mall via a skywalk.

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