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Bangkok’s sweet (af)fairs

The macaron burger. Mind the patty. Can you say no to this? Seen at Terminal21 cake fair.

If you build it, they will come. If you build it attractively, more will come. If you build sugar castles, ant colonies will come.

At the CentralWorld, there was this all you eat ice cream carousel

On times like these, I am the Pinoy ant attracted to the sugary treats Bangkok has spread before me.

There is something about The Big Mango fairs that impresses me, the mall-hosted exhibitions most especially. Whatever the theme, it’s well presented, attractive, and alwyas deliver.

On my most recent visit, I caught a couple of fairs that will make the sweet tooth jump for joy. The diet, no matter how strict, will be brushed off. The flesh is weak. 

The cutest ice cream. Seen at Central World ice cream fair.

So is mine. In any meal, I can always forego of the main course and feast on the dessert. At my favorite Chinese resto in Davao, I start and end my meal with the buchi because it’s my favorite.

Not all desserts are created equal. I prefer mine on the not too sweet side, just like how the Japanese make theirs.

Now back to Bangkok. On the regular visit to the malls to escape from the heat and check what’s new within its premises, I caught a couple of food fairs set up in the atriums. It was highlighting everything sweet.

At CentralWorld, the atrium was an artisanal ice cream paradise. The frozen delight came in different shapes, presentations and flavors. One cannot really stop at one scoop (I didn’t because I can’t) as the next booth is enticing—in look and offering—as the previous one.

These are made of ice cream.

How do you choose from these ice cream flavors: Thai Tea, Red Bull, Oreo-Salt, Indigo Coconut, Yakult-Jelly, Coconut Milk? And these are just in one booth.

I went for the Itim Lamoon flavors that intrigued me—Indigo Coconut and Red Bull flavors, and enjoyed its unique flavors as went around to check out what others had to offer.

(Left) Red Bull & Indigo Coconut ice cream; (Right) "Here’s Damn Good Chocolate For You" 

The next booth’s gelato peaks had Mojitos, Green Tea and Parmesan, two booths presented theirs in their signature looks — a flower pot with a gummy worm and the other with skewered marshmallows and syrup in a syringe injected on its cup filled with assorted toppings, one booth had Minions for its ice drops, and another formed characters from ice cream.

Go gaga on your ice cream topping. See finished product below.

Eat dirt! And a worm! The making of flower pot ice cream

Even before I finished my scoops, I was already coveting for Guss Damn Good’s ice cream with flavors in catchy names: Crunch Me Crazy, Tokyo Mist, Why Cant Coffee Be White, Virgin Umeshu, Naughty Honey. I was craving for chocolate so I went for the "Here’s Damn Good Chocolate For You" flavor. The name says it all.

What’s more exciting was the all you can eat ice cream section of the fair. Just like in a sushi bar, the ice cups came on the revolving conveyor like an ice cream carousel. 

In Terminal 21, they were having a cake fair where baked delicacies came in all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Brownies, mille crepes, macarons, muffin, cupcakes, cheesecakes, shortcakes, cakes in jars, dairy-free, gluten-free,nut-free, soy-free, low fat, fat free, just about anything is prepared the way you like it. All you have to do is bite on it (after paying, of course).

How can you even bite into these cutest characters?

The spread on this table, I fell in love with

From the spread, I went for the Japanese cheesecake from Hakodate called Snaffles. The three flavors I got were all melt in your mouth goodness.

I was one very happy man in Bangkok—over filled with calories.