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Art in the Park : one fine day at Salcedo Park

EVERYTHING happens for a reason, this I have always believed in. On the choices offered after an incident, choose the one that makes you happy and a better person.

A trip to a bucket-listed destination got cancelled on the last minute. I suddenly had seven days on my calendar that needed to be filled. Easy to do if I’m home in Davao, but no, I was in Manila.

But luck was still on my side the day I have arrived and I called it my “Sunday art day”.

I crashed to my cousin’s place on the onset of my 7-day stay not knowing that there was a big event happening in the park of their village.

On the same day, the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati, hosted another serving of “Art in the Park, an affordable art fair.”

I thought it was just a usual gathering for artists. I used to catch a glimpse of the small fair at the play area of the park during Saturdays, the same day as the weekend market, which occupies the park’s designated parking space. I was caught off guard.

Today, the 2006-established Art in the Park is a big and much-awaited event that occupies the entire green recreation space of the Makati village. It has become a sought-after Sunday event held annually.

The affair makes the visual arts accessible to everyone. There are a lot of arts items which are sold around P50,000 and below.

The participants came from a diverse group of art providers—galleries, independent art spaces, art schools, and etc.

It offers art aficionados and collectors an extensive range of paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and new media.

It is undeniable that this year’s event was a success.

From the moment the art fair opened in the morning until its closing time of 10 p.m., the park was packed.

I saw a good number of people toting one to several pieces of their picks leaving the park.

I don’t know why I didn’t take home that one particular art piece that caught my eye. It was a small oil painting in canvas at that reminded me of Ronald Ventura.

Should I be surprised that the artist exhibited his pieces at the booth of Big And Small Art, Co.? It’s the same gallery where I bought Ronald Ventura’s artwork in 2001.

Ventura was a prolific painter and already showed signs of being a great artist then.

I was right. I should have hoarded some of his paintings.

I am sharing my story because the artwork that you have fancied and decided to own might be the work of the next most celebrated Filipino artist.

You may have just taken home a treasure.

The event organizer, Philippine Art Events Inc., is doing a fabulous job in providing a venue for the exposure of the many talented Filipino artists we have in the country.

Moreover, the event, which benefitted the Museum Foundation of the Philippines, highlighted its mission to create awareness for the National Museum and its network.

On the next gathering of artists in the Art in the Park event, make sure you give it a visit. It's definitely worth your time.