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Honor thy itchy feet in 2016

IT'S the itch caused by the travel bug biting and I need to scratch it.

Last year’s score: two out of eight. Thank you, Universe.

2015’s vision board had eight entries, two of which I was able to tick off the list. I was able to walk under canopies of Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, Japan and got a tan on the sandy stretch of Hua Hin, a popular beach resort town off Bangkok the locals refer to as their version of the Hamptons. It was breathtakingly “just like in the movies” moment in each place and I was the leading character.

I did not make it to the listed places but the Universe had something else planned. It was a trip to previously visited destinations to see new spots.

This year on the vision board is to go back in Japan, but in autumn this time. It will be fulfilling two wishes in one trip— walking with the geishas in Kyoto at the time when the foliage turn red and gold.

Divine. Kyoto in fall when the foliage turns red & gold. Serenity at the DaigoTemple (source)

In Japan, the fall season is as celebrated as spring. Both times the Japanese take time to view nature during the changing of the seasons. It’s koyo (colorful leaves) to Japanese autumn what cherry blossoms are to spring. I’ve seen the latter and this year I plan to see the former.

If I time it right, on October 22 I may be able to catch the Jidai Matsuri or the Festival of the Ages, one of Kyoto’s three important festivals held annually, which involves a historical reenactment parade where participants of all ages dress up in authentic costumes representing various periods and characters in the country’s feudal history.

The gold of Yangon’s temples is what’s egging me to visit the place. An invitation to Myanmar may get my nod to go this year.

All that glitters is gold. Majestic, the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar (source)

I have always wanted to visit Taipei and Seoul. There is a calling to see these places. Something good must be waiting for me in these cities.

Something fishy. Public art in Ihwa Mural Village, a hill in central Jongno-gu next to Naksan Park, Naksa, Seoul (source)

Old place, new stuff. A shopping alley in Jiufen, a small town off Taipei founded in the Qing Dynasty (source)

Perhaps London. I was asked if I wanted to see the city but my travel compass has not pointing in that direction yet. Recently though, images of myself walking on its city’s streets are flashing in my mind. Is this from watching too many English films or is it time for me to see the Queen?

Touch the color. Interesting place to visit in London, Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden (Pinterest)

Nearby, I am excited to punch my time card in “my office”, which I used to call home. Too many times I have attempted to make it to the island destination but work beckoned. A visit to Boracay this Chinese New Year has been set. Of course, if something important comes along…

Looking forward to report to my "office" soon.

There will be a right time to check the rest of the entries on the wish list, last year’s addition included— swim with the whale sharks in Donsol, ride a gondola in Venice, shop at Turkey’s souks, stand before the TajMahal in India and explore more of my neighborhood like scaling Mt. Apo.

How about you, where are you itching to go this 2016?


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 07, 2016.