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W Bangkok : the WOW Season

HEADING to Bangkok? Now’s a good time as December is Bangkok’s high season in many ways. The great weather and festive atmosphere make for events and parties galore. Here are three wow reasons why you should find your way at W Bangkok.

 There's awlays a WOW reason to keep coming back to W Bangkok.

First, after a long flight it’s always good to relax and recharge before hitting the exhilarating Bangkok cultural, shopping, dining and party scenes. That’s a lot on the list and you need to be fully charged, invigorated and ready for action to get through the entire list. It’s always a good idea to look and feel your best.

Get yourself ready for days & nights of exploration.

W Bangkok’s AWAY Spa is where you will experience a unique W styled metamorphosis, a place that promises a spa experience like no other, a place to get away from it all and get ready to be highly charged for the exploration of the Big Mango.

Chic receptions area of Away Spa aka The Decompression Zone

Refresh the moment you step in.

At AWAY Spa, one walks through four chic zones to achieve full metamorphosis: the Welcome and Decompression Zone (the reception and consultation lounge); the Delight Zone (where treatment rooms have unique glowing beds which the color can be changed into 4 colors to suit the moods: Green – calm and peacefull; Red – increasing body energy; Purple – happiness and Pink – romantic and sensuality); the Detox Zone (the wet facilities); and the Refuel Zone (an outdoor chill-out area for after treatment mind reactivation).

The Single Treatment Room in Blue

The VIP Double Treatment Room

The VIP Single Treatment Room

With the spa’s current Escape & Recharge promotions running throughout December, it’s the perfect time to go.

The treatments have been designed to provide thorough revitalization and beautification.

The “Golden Retreat” (THB 3,999++ / 120 minutes) was brought back by popular demand. It promises to let you shine like never before with 24K gold treatments that will leave your skin glowing.

Two hours of bliss comprising 30-minute Gold Body Scrub, 60-minute Golden Body Oil application and 30-minute Mini Facial with 24K Gold Facial Mask.

The Hammam is one of the features of Away Spa's Detox Zone

“Take It Easy” (THB 2,999++/ 90 minutes) is designed to detoxify your body from the weighed exhaustion from work with 90 minutes of pure relaxation. Choose from Abhyanga Massage, an Ayurvedic therapy for healing and detoxifying where warm aromatic oils are applied along the body’s energy channels to restore flow of vital energy, or the Foot Reflexology Massage, a technique that involves targeted application of pressure to the feet as well as hands to effect physical change in other areas of the body.

Having traveled for almost half a day (including prep and waiting time) from Davao to Bangkok, I opted for “The Jetsetter” (THB 2,599++/ 75 minutes) in the Green room. It’s AWAY’s perfect solution to get rid of the exhaustion (or the jet lag for those who took a longer journey). The 75-minute massage is designed to stimulate and tone the body triggered by soothing long strokes.

On this visit--Green for calm & peaceful. In a treatment room at Away Spa for my 'The Jestsetter' therapy

Emerge transformed, like I did.

The after-therapy refreshment

Second, head to the Kitchen Table and revolutionize your dining experience. W Bangkok’s dining space upturns culinary traditions and infused it with visionary tastes, presented by dynamic chefs who are redefining gastronomy.

The Kitchen Table is the all-day dining outlet of W Bangkok

Back at The Kitchen Table to sample the dishes in the new menu.

The Kitchen Table is W Bangkok’s all-day dining restaurant, a favorite haunt among jet-setters with adventurous palate who adore quality.

The restaurant interior seen through the terrace door.

Bangkok’s finest creations are served here including fresh seafood, succulent steaks and signature dish from the international kitchen.

The Kitchen Table & Chef de Cuisine Manoj Kottarathil

I was in luck, they have a new menu and I got to try some of the dishes prepared by Chef de Cuisine Manoj Kottarathil. Of course, it had to be according to my dietary preference- no pork or beef, and to my surprise he filled the table with the house specialties (marked with the vivid fuchsia W on the menu) of seafood and poultry. Who am I to complain?

A page in the new menu.

From the starters to dessert, it was wow all the way.

Three appetizers were set to the table right away and Chef Manoj took time to present the dishes to us (I had to bring two food lovers with me or my food tasting would end after one dish).

A delicious collection of bread to start the meal.

The Lab Pla Salmon and Tuna (THB 420++), Fresh Salmon and Tuna, Salmon Roe, Chili, Lime and Aromatic Herbs, was the take on the ceviche. “The tray of condiments is for you to flavor your dish according to your taste,” said the chef.

An appetizer of Lab Pla Salmon and Tuna

The fresh tasting Tomato Peas and Quinoa Salad (THB 360++), served with Halloumi Cheese and Mint and Lemon Dressing, made a perfect accompaniment to the Miang Goong Yum Ka Ton (THB 520++), a dish of grilled Tiger prawns with a surprising twist—a delightful, sweet and sour dressing using Santol as the main ingredient. It was mixed with cashew nuts, betel leaf and sweet chili palm.

Tomato Peas and Quinoa Salad

Loving the Santol siding of the Miang Goong Yum Ka Ton

The chef presenting the dishes to his diners.

For the main course, the chef brought out three of the most tasting dishes from the kitchen starting with the Gaeng BeuaPuu Cha Plu (THB 740++), a hot and spicy Southern Style yellow curry with coconut milk, crab meat and Betel leaf served with Jasmine rice, which reminded of Isan cuisine I first had in Phuket. It is rich in flavor, spicy and delicious.

Rating A for this delicious dish, the Gaeng Beua Puu Cha Plu

The Indian dish of Butter Chicken (THB 580++), Tandoori Chicken Curry served with Naan Bread, Basmati Rice, Cucumber Raita, Pickle and Pappadam, showcased the chef’s native cuisine. The chicken must have been stewed long enough for the flavors to penetrate deep into the white meat making every of the chicken delectable.

The chef showcasing his native cuisine- the Indian dish of Butter Chicken

An Italian dish completed the trio of dishes, the Arborio Risotto with Lobster Medallion ad Foie Gras (THB 780++) with fennel and green pea. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a rich, buttery rice dish with two of the best toppings to go with it—lobster and foie gras?

How can you not fall in love with this? The Arborio Risotto with Lobster Medallion ad Foie Gras

I made sure I had enough space for the most important part of the meal. To conclude the feast, Chef Manoj brought in two of the bestsellers created by the pastry chef- the Crystal Ball (THB 330++), Valrhona 36% Chocolate Caramel flavored mousse on Choco Rice Crisps. With a preference to “not to sweet” desserts, this one made it to the list. The ingenuous presentation made it even more fun to eat.

Exciting to look at & heavenly to the taste buds

The surprise of the evening would be the Compressed Watermelon (THB 290 ++) served with Parmesan Ice Cream and Italian Basil and green Apple Sorbet. The watermelon was a refreshing way to end a meal, sort of a tongue cleanser like the sorbet on the dish. The scoops’ flavors provided an exciting interplay of flavors to the taste buds—the sorbet’s mixed flavors of fresh, tangy and minty and the intense cheesy flavor and gritty textured ice cream. I will have a go at these scoops on mt next visit to Bangkok.

Perfect meal ender & I will go back for more of the scoops. The Compressed Watermelon served with Parmesan Ice Cream & Italian Basil & Green Apple Sorbet

A selfie with the chef before leaving the restaurant. Thanks Chef!

Third, have a drink at the fully restored The House on Sathorn, the former residence of the royalty the avenue was named after.

The fully restored House at Sathorn. Former house of nobility now a place to lounge & dine

With the original fixtures still intact, the 19th century mansion is now home to multi-themed rooms comprised of a restaurant, cocktail bar, private rooms and a large courtyard for al fresco sips and bites.

One of the cocktail lounges inside the mansion

The themed dining room

Just one of the private function room you may want to use for an exclusive gathering.

Shaken not stirred, please. The handsome mixologist

It’s chic and I want to go back to explore and experience its offering soon.

I'll be back here soon.