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10 reasons why you should #FlyPAL from Davao to Bangkok

HEADING to the Big Mango to feast on its culinary delights? Shop until your luggage burst at the seams? Jump off to another island for a full moon party? Trek the ranges of the highlands?

Why Bangkok? For good food, culture, and yes, shopping!

Suvarnabhumi AIrport in Bangkok is one of the best airports I've seen.

There are countless reasons why you should be visiting Thailand. 

A good reason to visit Bangkok. EmQuartier is the newest luxury shopping mall in the city.

Of course, traveling for hours can be taxing, but flying PAL will make it most convenient and relaxing for you. Go get a Business Class or Premium Economy seat. You deserve it.

Why #FlyPAL? It offers a world of convenience when traveing from Davao to Bangkok or to any destination they can connect you to.

Coming from Davao, here are 10 reasons why you should #FlyPAL.

1. Time schedule for flight connections is fantastic.

The available flights from Davao to Manila then Manila to Bangkok connect with the least amount of waiting time. Whether you choose to fly in the morning or early evening to Bangkok, there are several Davao flights scheduled throughout the day that will connect you to the two flights to Bangkok from Manila.

Hop in Davao, hop off & in Manila, hop off in Bangkok. Plane hopping with minimal waiting time in between rides.

With Davao as a station, all planes utilized from this point are Philippine Airlines aircrafts (read: all airbuses), the same aircrafts used for international flights.

2. With PAL’s full service, travel stress-free.

If by any chance there is a delay caused by the airline, they will make sure you will reach your final destination stress-free. They promise full service and that’s what you’re going to get. So, all necessary arrangements on flight bookings are on them. It’s like guaranteed, built-in travel insurance for you.

PAL lets you travel stress-free

3. Best ticket prices.

Yes, indeed. If you’re an early planner, chances are you’re going to snag the best deals of PAL. Weekends are the best time to buy online when tickets to selected destinations are put on sale, or when seasonal sales are offered.

PAL drops its tickets prices to select destinations in its weekend web sale.

You can buy your tickets per sector—that’s Davao-Manila-Davao and Manila-Bangkok-Manila—at the best (read: sale) prices and will still be considered as connecting flights, given that you arranged for ample time to move to the next flight.

The other airline will only consider your journey to the final destination a connecting flight if you purchased it on a single locator number or single ticketing, which will always come out expensive even on the sale season. If you opted to break the journey and buy separate tickets, then travel at your own risk. With a reputation known for flight delays, make sure you’re a day early reaching your first leg. But if you insisted and missed the second leg, kiss your money goodbye and purchase a new one. A ‘no show’ penalty and/or ‘rebooking fee’ will be implemented on top of the cost of the regular fare. Expensive, Yes. Very.

4. Built-in baggage allowance on your ticket purchase.

Yes, you have a built-in baggage allowance. No hidden charges. No need to purchase, unless you need more. On a single booking purchase, you have 30 kilos plus 7 kilos carry on baggage allowance with you on Economy Class, more if you’re on a higher booking class. Shop to your heart’s desire!
If you’re looking at a heavier load coming home from your shopping trip, you can buy extra from the Pre-paid Baggage service of PAL at very minimal cost.

You get a 30-kilo baggage allowance to Bangkok. Check your luggage in Davao & collect it in Bangkok.

5. One check-in, two boarding passes.

It’s called check thru. Upon checking-in on your flight from Davao to and from Bangkok via Manila, you are handed two boarding passes for the two legs of your flight. Your baggage will be tagged Bangkok (or Davao), so can pick up your luggage at your final destination.

My boarding pass from Bangkok to Manila is issued together with the boarding pass from Manila to Davao.

My Manila to Davao boarding pass issued in Bangkok.

PAL’s check thru service saves you from the hassle of waiting at the conveyor belt, lugging your baggage, lining up and checking in for the second time in Manila to your next destination. Feel like a Don or Doña walking from arrival gate to departure gate in one terminal only.

6. No need to transfer terminals.

Like I said, you are a Don or Doña so PAL frees you from the stress of moving form one terminal to another. Terminal 2 is the designated Philippine Airlines terminal. On your transit trip to Bangkok and back to Davao, you’re not exiting the Manila Terminal 2 building. No hassle, no anxiety attacks, no traffic, etc.

On your transit stop in Manila, no need to transfer terminals to get to the next plane to Bangkok

7. Free food. Better food.

With PAL you get free food. You don’t have to buy your refreshments and sustenance in any of its flights.

A vegetarian meal served mile high never looked so appetizing

If you were flying domestic on Economy recently, you may have noticed that what accompanied your coffee, tea or water is a meat roll. Biscuits are passe. This is just one of the current upgrades the airline is implementing on its way to its aim—to be a 5 Star airline. As for the Manila-Bangkok flights, you will still enjoy hot meals plus choice drinks.

An appetizer in Mabuhay Class.

And if you’re on the opposite side of the curtain in Business Class, then your food and its presentation is upgraded as well. You’re like dining in a fancy restaurant, only you’re a mile high from ground.

8. Comfortable seats.

Mabuhay/Premier Elite section of a PAL plane.

Well, you’re in Business Class or Premium Economy so you get a bigger legroom or a wide seat that can recline into almost like a bed up in the sky. Works best for tall people like whose legs stretch for a mile or those who just simply wants the extra comfort and the pampering. Who wouldn’t want to have that on a 3-hour flight to Bangkok, much more if you’re on a long haul flight to the other side of the planet?

One of the perks of Mabuhay/Premier Elite- wide seats & leg room

Can you spot the happy,  long-legged man?

9. Priority lane in Bangkok

If you’re a loyal PAL flyer, your travel miles may have piled up to qualify you to be an Elite or Premium member. This means you’re awarded with perks whenever you travel—separate check-in counter, bigger baggage allowance and Mabuhay Lounge access.

Priority lane for Business Class & Mabuhay Milers makes it a breeze to check-in & you get to board the plane at your own convenience upon departure. A priority lane in NAIA Terminal 2.

When leaving Bangkok through Suvarnabhumi Airport, you also get a Priority Lane Pass. This gives you access to a separate Security Check and Immigrations lines. With less people in this room, the processing is faster and you get to spend more time shopping at the Pre-departure Duty Free shops or laze around at the last entry…

10. Access to Mabuhay Lounge

Rest, relax & recharge at the PAL International Mabuhay Lounge

Nothing can be more relaxing than staying in an exclusive lounge while waiting to board your plane. In a very relaxing and peaceful atmosphere (your choice of viewing, dining or reading areas), you get to enjoy complimentary good food (from bite-sized sandwiches to its famous ArrozCaldo, and desserts choices) and drinks (freshly brewed coffee to cocktails), an array of current reading materials, and most importantly, clean restrooms.

The PAL International Mabuhay Lounge in the Christmas spirit.

Coffee or cocktails? They serve it at the PAL International Mabuhay Lounge.

The sandwich station of the lounge.

Sip your coffee, bite into a dessert & read the latest from a selection of publications. At the PAL INternational Mabuhay Lounge.

Or watch what showing at the viewing section. At the PAL Domestic Mabuhay Lounge.

I can add another entry but that’s already given from the time PAL flew its first flight—service with a smile, the mark of true Filipino hospitality.

Sunshiny smile a mile high from the ground...

…at the PAL Domestic Mabuhay Lounge...

…and at the PAL International Mabuhay Lounge.

PAL flies from Davao to Manila and vice versa 7 times daily, and from Manila to Bangkok and vv 2 times daily.

Visit their website at http://www.philippineairlines.com