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Ubud bites

Walking around Ubud is exciting and you might forget you need the sustenance. Here are three warung and cafes you can try while on your foot tour across the Bali’s artistic and cultural center.

1. Ibu Oka. Jalan. Jalan Tegal Sari 2.

Ibu Oka, the home to Babi Guling, has 2 restos in Ubud, the bigger one is thru this alley off the main road

If you want a bite of that tasty and spicy pork meat and hear the rackling sound of that crispy skin, then head to Ibu Oka.

Tasty & spicy, Babi guling is a famous Balinese spcialty

This warung is an institution and made popular by its babi guling (suckling pig), the Balinese specialty dish of roasted pig. It’s easy to locate, just spot the long queue across the Royal Palace.

The lunchtime hour can get crazy but worry not, a few meters away, off the same road through an alley, is the main restaurant of Ibu Oka. It has a bigger dining space and a great view of the green ridge. I had the special with nasi (rice), babi guling and spicy vegetables.

The alley leading to the restaurant.

Wash basin & the view of the ridge.

You can go back to your shopping at the art market after your meal.

2. Bali Buda. Jalan Jembawan.

Healthier choices on the menu at Bali Bunda (the new name)

From Bali Buda, the place recently changed its name to Bali Bunda. The new name— Bali (where they live) and Bunda (for mother) better captures their mission to run a business that helps reduce their impact to the planet.

The mezzanine level 

This café has menu of healthier yet delicious food choices created with fresh ingredients sourced out from local organic farmers. Fresh fruit juices, breakfast fare, sandwiches, vegan, Indonesian and Italian dishes are listed.

The second floor dining area with the view of the street

I opted for the Fish Burger—homemade local pomfret fish patty with trimmings and side dish of French fries, served on a plate lined with banana leaf. (IDR 66,000++)

My pick- the Fish Burger presented ingeniously

3. Café Wayan. Monkey Forest Road.

Cafe Wayan is a popular joint. Ask any local & they can point you to the right direction (net photo)

The design is that of cabanas in a tropical garden. The green surrounding exudes a very relaxing vibe, which was what I needed after a long walk through the Monkey Forest Road.

Cabanas are spread throughout the garden (net poto)

I had the a glass of cool, fresh strawberry juice to start and picked an Indonesian dish of Nasi Campur- rice with small servings of assorted chicken and vegetable preparations. The generous serving of good food took me a while to finish.

Fresh strawberry juice as cooler after a long walk.

Nasi Campur, a generous serving of good food that took me a while to finish


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