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The spa by Wos River

STEADFASTLY, the river flowed gently as if caressing the path where two ridges touch. The scene serene amid the verdant tropical forest, the branches of trees reaching out to touch the undulating water with tenderness.

The Wos River

The symphony of sounds by nature's musicians was harmonic- the rippling water, the whisper of leaves, the sweet whistle of the breeze, the chirping crickets, the bird songs. To be by the Wos River was relaxing, rejuvenating.

The Wos River Spa was named after this waterway that runs through where two ridges touch

The Lokha Ubud need not look far to search for an ideal name for its spa. Wos River Spa is the epitome of what the river displays and exudes. I know I could not leave Ubud without immersing into its pool of therapeutic indulgence.

The Spa Gazebo at night

The spa reception area

By to the Wos River, The Lokha's spa village was built respecting the ridge's terrain preserving the riverside's flora. It features open-air pavilions and standard treatment rooms overlooking the Wos River.

The path to the Wos Spa pavilions

Tropical design for the Wos Spa tradition.

Spa pavilion interior.

The tub overlooking the ridge & the Wos River

The way leading to the standard spa treatment rooms.

The view at night from the standard spa treatment room.

Close to nature and all about nature, The spa's Ingredients are all naturally sourced. Local fruits, flowers and essential oils make up the organic collection to nurture the skin and instil an overall feeling of deep relaxation.

Everything natural & local inclusing this cool, refreshing drink before therapy- Lemon Grass & Lime drink with honey

Just as the spa honors nature, it also honors Bali's age-old healing legacy by creating a carefully crafted menu of body and beauty rituals for body, mind and spirit rejuvenation. Wos River Spa takes a holistic approach to wellness and therapists are expertly trained in the intuitive art of touch.

One morning at the Lokha Ubud's spa village

Tradition and expertise, I experienced both. Rateesh Raj, spa manager (and Lokha's in-house yoga instructor) said I must try the Balinese Traditional Delight, an hour of therapy using an ancient Balinese technique uses long strokes to stimulate blood the flow of blood circulation, which brings relaxation and wellness.

Rateesh Raj, Wos River Spa manager, is also Lokha's in-house yoga instructor.

After the requisite pre-therapy profiling and presentation of essential oils for selection while sipping on a cool and refreshing Lemon Grass and Lime with Honey drink, I was led to my treatment room (secretly wishing it was in one of the pavilions) where a foot bath commenced the therapy.

The floral foot bath, a pre-treatment ceremony.

Bliss. I couldn't have been in better the hands than Yasih's, a senior therapist and native of Bali with 15 years of experience, which took her to luxury spas in Mexico and Turkey. Only a few minutes into the therapy, I drifted into a deep, relaxing slumber.

Yasih, the spa's senior therapist, has 15 years of experience.

I was gently awakened by Yasih's, "Sir, the therapy is finished."

Exhaustion and body aches from hours of exploring Ubud's attractions were washed away. I felt rejuvenated.

After a cup of warm Ginger Tea with Cinnamon, I was ready for my extended visit to dreamland in the comforts of a luxury villa, my home in Ubud.

Warm Ginger Tea with Cinammon to end the therapy.

Wos River Spa is indeed a sanctuary for personal indulgence.

Wos River Spa is at The Lokha Ubud at at Br. Bangkiangsidem, Desa Keliki Tegallalang - Gianyar.

Visit their website at http://thelokhaubud.com/spa
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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on October 31, 2015.