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Set your mood at Mode Sathorn

IT'S one those hotels that will create conflict within you—to stay in and bask in the sumptuous appointments or to step out to see Bangkok but miss the moments of personal luxury within the confines of your chosen sanctuary.

I was fine with a white room. I was ushered to one, an Executive Mode room no less

But if you do need to step out, Bangkok is well within your doorstep. Mode Sathorn won’t keep you away from where you need to be. It’ll just whisper, “Hurry back home,” and it will –with a cool comforting embrace the moment you step out of your ride.

Mode Sathorn Hotel modern exterior is a prelude to more excitement in its interior components

Setting the mood

The mood is immediately set once you enter Mode Sathorn. You nod to the chic interior design. The few, well chosen pieces of furniture each serving its function. You don’t even feel you’re went a hotel lobby, more of a modern abode.

What seems to be the living room of a contemporary home is in fact Mode Sathorn's reception area

Details, it's in the details & Mode Stahorn have it.

A stylized map of Sathorn on the elevator walls

A stylish hotel will attract trendy travelers. It may be the one of the busiest hotels along the cosmopolitan boulevard of Sathorn. You can only expect excitement on your way up to the upper floors.

Stylish quarters

The rooms are far from generic in design. Unlike any other hotel, Mode Sathorn turned its spaces into stylish havens where unwinding is truly pleasurable.

What are you in the mood for? Very interesting are the rooms and suites designed to excite the guests—the Oriental imbibes the Chinoiserie, the Urban exudes the contemporary, and the Western breathes of Americana.

An instant favorite, an Oriental themed room.

Americana detail in the Western Room.

Scandinavian chic at the Presidential Suite.

I would be fine in a room with a minimalist approach bathed in cream. I was given that but in the category of Executive Mode, “a room specially designed for the most demanding guests.”

Customized carpet for the best room in the house. It tells a story.

Or a story that can be told by those on both sides of the glass pane. Your bath with a view or their view of your bath. :)

The spacious pad is a corner room that offers a stunning view of the city skyline and the famed river, and the amenities that came with the room- complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, a pre-dinner cocktail and all day dining services, laundry service, late check-out, and a generous discount on all the treatments of the in-house spa.

"My" corner Executive Room gives me a view of the busy road below, the Bangkok city skyline & the Chao Phraya River.

Tickle your palate

Good dining experience is an integral part of the whole experience. Whatever your palate is yearning for it’ll be satisfied at any of the five dining spaces of Mode Sathorn: The Sathorn for a hearty kick-start meal of the day; the BLD, for all-day dining in bistro-style atmosphere for a taste of the house specialties- the Brittany lobster salad and home-style European cuisine; savor Mexican, Moroccan, French and Asian specialties in fashion at the rooftop that presents a breathtaking view of the city and the Chao Phraya river at night.

The Sathorn assures the good in the morning. The breakfast hall serves a sumptuous breakfast in a well-designed & decorated space

How much more of a home feel do you want?

Faces at the stairwell. The rooftop deck is a surprise.

Exciting cuisine & cocktails with a breathtaking view of the city on the 38th floor. End the day & start the night fashionably at the rooftop, it's a dining & drinking destination

The big picture ala Mode Sathorn

Must you step out?

Businessmen can seal contracts at the Biz Zone and leisure travelers can keep fit with laps in the pool (with heating capabilities) or pumping iron at the gym, or just relax at the sauna and the spa.

Take a dip. It's a cooler on a humid day & a warmer on a cold night. Mode Sathorn's swimming pool is equipped with heating mechanism

Bangkok at your doorstep

The skytrain, the fastest and most convenient transport across the Big Mango, and it’s at Mode Sathorn’s doorstep. Step out of the hotel and step in the train at the BTS Surasak Station. It’s your ride to where you need to be—shopping, entertainment, cultural or the central business district, which are nearby.

The BTS Surasak Station is right on Mode Sathorn's doorstep

If you must dine out. Cross the street to the famous Blue Elephant restaurant.

My mood

I fell in love with Mode Sathorn. In the regular visits to Bngkok in the past ten years, I will say this is my concept of an ideal hotel. Mode Sathorn is chic and modern, the amenities are complete, it’s centrally located with easy access to the place I needed to be, it may be on the busiest avenue of Bangkok but it blocks the city’s bustle once you step inside, and most of all, my “limousine” ride, the BTS Skytrain, is always ready to take where I need to be at any time of day and night. I have to thank Agoda.com for this most amazing discovery and stay.

I like this hotel.

Hosts most hospitable, Mode Sathorn's Gam Chanvithee, MarCom Executive, & TK Kugasemrat, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Mode Sathorn Hotel is at 144 North Sathorn Road, Silom, Bangrak. Bangkok. Visit their website at http://www.modesathorn.com
For great deals on this hotel, visit http://www.agoda.com/mode-sathorn-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on September 24, 2015.