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Top 5 picks at Movenpick

WHILE in Movenpick, it was five-star wining and dining all the way with indulgent treats in between for this b-tch. The hotel’s hospitality crossed the borderline of pampering to spoiling, and I must say I liked it. You would to, if you were in my (nice) shoes.

Though they have their own Top 5 lists, I have one of my own to share. Here are the top interesting things to try/discover at Movenpick:

5: Find the missing link.

The Manny O Agapitos Rose and the square pillows are connected, believe me. If it’s red you have in the mini-bar, have it changed to the Agapitos Rose.

The Manny O Agapitos Rose is said to be an aphrodisiac.

An award-winning wine, the Agapito Rose does not only taste good; it can also win you medals in the ring of love. It’s said to be an aphrodisiac and maybe you’d like to find out for yourself.

The ergonomic square down pillows, on the other hand, is a great back support when reading in bed or winning medals of your own after your Agapitos Rose.

The big square pillow is a great back support in more ways than one.

4: Sip Ibiza Sour at sunset

I’ve been to Ibiza and watched the setting sun to the tune of the Star Wars theme music while having a drink at Café del Mar. Sunsets on this part of the globe, I believe, is more vibrant, intense and sharper. Catching it while stretched out on the net pod of the Ibiza Beach Club and sipping on a very well blended Ibiza Sour brought back memories of the Balearic Island wild days. If you haven’t been, the hotels signature outlet is one fabulous spot to get that same vibe.

Ibiza Beach Clubs signature drink- the Ibiza Sour

3: Discover the Cabana’s secret

The beachfront is where everybody is during the day. You can join the rest of the crowd by the shoreline or enjoy the same beach time with some privacy. That’s what the cabana is for. Rent one and enjoy the day a little more luxuriously. Included in the few hours of use are select drinks, foodstuff and access to third body of water -- the Jacuzzi, which is hidden from view (the sea pool are the other 2). If you’re wondering why the cabanas have curtains, then let me repeat, the cabana was originally conceived and designed with privacy in mind.

Privacy by the beach-- the key phrase the designer was told to work on. 

2: Live the high life at the Ibiza Loft.

This lofty 2-level, 3BR loft can be your "what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza" suite. 

High because the 2-level suite is on the top floor with a great ocean view, which you and five of your friends can enjoy while luxuriating in the Jacuzzi sipping Celebrus and nibbling on the hors d’oeuvres served by your own butler.

The dip up there. The jacuzzi on the 22nd floor.

At P150,000 a night, I don’t think you would want to leave the confines of this room. Order in more Agapitos Rose! Oh, the three rooms have its own stash of square pillows by the way.

1: Get a high, a sugar high.

Well, it’s a luxury more affordable that the Ibiza Loft, which can take you higher than 22nd floor, higher even and closer to heaven, with a single scoop. Forget the Agapitos Rose or the square pillows and feast on the Movenpick ice cream. It’s orgasmic!

Orgasmic. Pistachio in velvet form.

Just like the timepieces, the Swiss created another winner in the form of a frozen treat (with no artificial additives or colors) that targets the ecstasy button with precision. Of the 24 flavors, Cebu’s Movenpick carries 8, and that’s 8 good reasons to be in blissed out.

The Vanilla Dream can hit your ecstasy button with Swiss precision.

The Vanilla Dream is impossible to hate, the Espresso Croquant is a creamy caffeine fix, the Pistachio is the flavorful nuts in velvet form, the Swiss Chocolate is one decadent fusion of 2 Swiss wonders—cream and chocolate.

The other flavors are the Caramelita, Strawberry, Maple Walnut and the refreshing Lemon-Lime Sorbet. Try them all!

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 30, 2015.