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The jeepney ride & walk through Davao’s past

THIS ride everyone must take soon. It’s designed to add a few more drops of sweetness in your cup of knowledge about the city we grew up in.

Gather up at the meeting point & hop on board the DOT’s Davao Food Trip & Walking Tour’s official ride— the jeepney!

Yes, you’ve trodden San Pedro Street as a child until today, heard Mass countless times in San Pedro Cathedral, had your share of photographs in front of Davao City Hall from film to digital age, took a peek at the Museo Dabawenyo, perhaps performed on the stage of Rizal park and took refuge from the scorching heat under the trees at Osmeña Park, but do you know about the history of these places? Why they named as such?

Was it film or digital cam that took your photo in this important Davao spot? 

One of the coolest places to be during a heat spell in the city.

Gather around, ride the jeepney (the official ride of the tour), then take a walk and find out a bit more information of these stops, and while you’re at it, how about snacking on the city’s best bites?

First batch to sample the jeepney tour.

The newly created Visit Davao Food Trip & Walking Tour took a sample run recently with resource person Olan Emboscado leading the tour group composed of the Visit Davao Fun Sale partners- BPI, Bonamine and the local media, which included GMA7TV host and former City Mayor Sara Dueterte-Carpio, through the street of San Pedro and alleys of Bankerohan Public Market.

Mga tao sa loob ng jeep. 

“This is Level 1 of the city tour program,” said Eden David, the Chief Tourism Operations Officer, Department of Tourism Davao Region, “The Food Trip and Walking Tour, made in partnership with the Restaurant Owners Association of Davao City (ROADC), was designed for the students of the Tourism and HRM courses. This will feature the homegrown restaurants and the local flavors of Davao through a market visit and local food appreciation, a culinary immersion.”

Have you tried eating this pair- sikwate & putt maya?….inside Bankerohan Public Market?

The DOT-XI sites that this activity will intertwine with the country’s Visit Philippines 2015 program, the Madrid Fusion Flavors of the Philippines. On this part of the map, Davao will have its own version of celebrating local flavors with Spanish influences. Participating restaurants will be Bistro Rosario, Tiny Kitchen, Chippens, and many others.

That's the entire team sampling Del Mar Painitan's specialties indie the Bankerohan public market.

Prior to the food trip, the itinerary commences with a cultural and heritage walking tour at the Davao’s iconic edifices namely the City Hall, San Pedro Cathedral, old parks and Museo Dabawenyo.

When was this building erected? Resource person Olan Embuscado told us. Your tour guide will tell you when you join the tour.

What was the design inspiration of the San Pedro Cathedral?

Impressive altar, where was its design taken from?

The Cathedral's offices was once used for another purpose, what was it?

What makes this chapel on the cathedral's right so significant?

What does the marker/obelisk inside the Osemña Park stand for?

When was the Museo Dabawenyo created? Why?

Who is Datu Bago & why is he an important figure in Davao/

Name the city's past mayors in this wall at the Museo Dabawenyo.

Know the 11 tribes of Mindanao.

The food trip follows with a tour of the local market and its vast offerings. Sampling the local fruits including the durian will be part of the activity.

GMA7 tv host & former City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio at the fruit stand of Bankerohan public market.

You'll get to try this specialty drink- the kinutil, when you join the tour.

Capping the tour will be the visit to one of the participating local restaurants where a special menu will be prepared for the participants.

All tours end up with a great meal in a partner restaurant, ours ended in Claude's.

On April 23, the history lessons and food appreciation will commence, and will run until April 27th. Scheduled will be two schools per day with ten students and one adviser per trip.

With the tourism industry players making Davao must-visit place for both local & international tourists.

“An experienced tour resource person has been tapped by the DOT Davao to handle the tours. Accompanying each tour will be two travel bloggers and a representative from the media, who will be tasked to promote the experience,” said Eden, and added, “ The Davao Food Trip and Walking Tour’s transportation is subsidized by Bonamine under the free tours program of Visit Davao Fun Sale. Students will cover the food trip fee to include food, resource persons and lecture materials.”