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Sleeping with Picasso

CHIC and unconventional, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is not your typical place for rest at the heart of the city.

More art studio than a hotel lobby

Located in Salcedo Village in Makati City, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences features 136 inventively cozy “art spaces” to live in, each complete with a kitchenette.

Sleeping with Picasso. There is the soul of the art master in each suite

An artsy nook to work, or not

With no two rooms alike and with each of its nine floors fashioned in a different color, it is no surprise that The Picasso is the modern traveler’s artistic sanctuary.

Walk the red carpet to your art suite. No levels are colored alike

This hue on the 7th floor.

Except for the shell and wide room floor areas, there are no traces of the old apartment building The Picasso replaced. The new occupant has successfully transformed the former edifice into a hip and modern boutique residence of choice for the contemporary traveler.

Jigsaw art.The Picasso facade from a different pint of view-an artwork from several canvasses

Service is very personalized, guests are welcomed with the warmth of a private residence but in the ambiance of a five-star hotel.

Handwritten notes are just the best. It makes for a more personalized welcome. 

At The Picasso, guests not only wake up to spacious and extensively stylish interiors, but also to a scrumptious continental buffet breakfast served at Pablo at the ground floor of the boutique residence. 

Continental or Pinoy? Breakfast is served at the Pablo Restaurant.

Added to that is The Picasso’s very own Art Gallery at the 4th floor curated by Altro Mondo Contemporanea, a complement to the comfort and artistic leisure that greet guests upon arrival.

Art-in-House Gallery

Modernity and art aside, each guest is given full access to the 24-hour WiFi lounge on the 2nd floor, as well as, full use of the two-storey gym on the 5th and 6th floors.

The Wi-fi lounge overlooking the lobby & Leviste Street.

For visitors passing by, at the ground floor of the serviced residence is the Qi Wellness Spa, specializing in treatments that relax the mind and body. And for those looking for a unique beauty treatment, Studio 119 offers hair-pampering services at its finest.

But the boutique serviced residence isn’t just perfect for short or long staying guests. The Picasso also aims to captivate events that are tastefully created. With the goal of capturing memorable meetings and exhilarating events, The Picasso’s Paulo, Paloma and Maya function rooms are sure to engage and energize guests with its innovative design and complete functionality.

This edifice is where art & passion live.

A perfect fit for all business and leisure travelers, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences has just about everything you need, to benefit from a fantastic stay at the heart of the city. With comfortable rooms, beaming with style and space, The Picasso promises a stay that evokes the beauty and the artistry of a city.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences: Where art and passion live.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, located at 119 L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, is a project by Ardent Development Corporation and professionally managed by Hospitality Innovators Inc.

The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences was a response to a growing trend from travelers for a unique experience that balances the comforts of a home with innovations in hospitality.

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