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Pullman Hotel G: Stimulating nights in a suite made for two

A spacious executive suite in contemporary modern design is awash in white. The trickle of fuchsia emits a honeymoon suite vibe.

No, I did not get married nor was I with company to have enjoyed two very stimulating nights in the most unusual of room type any single person can stay in—a honeymoon suite.

That is unusual because I was traveling solo (again) on a recent visit to the bustling City of Smiles, Bangkok. A room for one would have sufficed, but who was I to decline an upgrade to an executive suite at the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G?

Can't get enough of this nook. I love the Miami chic look of Hotel G's lobby

This Agoda partner hotel’s executive suites on the higher levels of the 38-floor structure cover an area between 77 to 165 square meters. I was led to one of the biggest of the 469-room hotel, I believe, after a personalized private check in at the Executive Lounge on the 27th floor, a service afforded to guests staying on the executive floors.

Coffee & this. A breathtaking view of the city from the Executive Lounge

Stimulating because my design sense was tickled pink. The spacious suite in contemporary modern design is awash in white— the walls, including an accent brick wall, bleached wooden floors, sectional sofas and divan cloaked in milky leather. Breaking the single shade is a sprinkling of colors of metal, greys, and wood on tastefully selected furniture, accessories, artworks and amenities in the living, dining and bar areas.

Loving these details: white brick walls & the bar

Unlike the outer room, the vast sleeping quarter is bathed purely in the single immaculate ivory hue— the high-count linen sheets enveloping the king-sized bed and generous number of pillows (your choice from the pillow menu); the side tables and its appointments—lamps, clock, room control, etc.; the rocking chair strategically positioned by the picture window; the cabinetry; and the spacious en suite bathroom, which was illuminated perfectly that it made all selfies Instagram worthy (uploads were quick via free WIFI in the suite), with separated bathtub and shower. 

Sleep & wake up to the view of the city.

Bathed in white

Only a speck of colored articles breaks the room color to tie the look with the adjoining area.

The vast bedroom bathed in immaculate hue of ivory. Specks of colored articles break the tone to tie the look with the adjoining area.

Making the entire suite brighter, and seemingly larger, is the natural bright light of day and the city lights at night streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows, which looks out to a breathtaking view of the vibrant road of Silom, a prime address in the city. 

View of Silom Road from the higher floors of Hotel G

So where was I getting the honeymoon suite vibe? Perhaps from the trickle of pink, a bold shade of fuchsia, in the room that presented a stark contrast against the white room. It was on the throw pillows, on the chandelier, and the letter G imprinted on the small white chest perched on the divan. The box was screaming for attention, especially with a tent card on it enticing the guest to “explore the fun.”

Within the chest’s compartments are “play” things, and no, nothing kinky. But a few of the necessary things couples can spice up the fun, if you get my drift, Hotel G souvenirs included.

Just in case the craving strikes. For the sweet tooth & for the carnal desires

Why am I still surprised with Hotel G’s innovative features even if it’s my second visit? 

The entire establishment is wired with radicalness, eye-popping yet delightful attractions I’ve encountered on the initial visit. However, the place was upped with new facets—what used to be an all white sculptural Sumo wrestler standing at lobby that exuded a very Miami energy now bears prints: suspended, swinging benches; chic house music charging the elevator concourse while a movie is projected against one wall was not new to me, but the elevators opening to modish videos on LCD screens set against an entire wall was.

G- marked: the G mobile, a complimentary tuktuk ride to the Salaedeng BTS Station is part of the hotel's services; & Hotel G’s icon, the sumo wrestler.

Suspended & swinging. A seating area by the hotel lobby; & mushrooms, motion picture & chic house music charging the elevator concourse

I may have seen the setting sun while chilling out from the terrace of Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant and sampled the chef’s specialties, broke my diet and feasted on the hip burgers of the "bordello meets burger bar “ 25 Degrees (the precise temperature between a raw and well-done hamburger), but having my daily breakfast, midday coffee break and cocktails at the Executive Lounge of this property were new episodes. It was a stylish (and spoiling) way to start the day and evening.

My 3 days-2 nights stint at the Pullman Bangkok Hotel G's Executive Lounge were made of these…

The Executive Lounge acts. Morning breakfast & evening cocktails

Now back to my honeymoon suite. Was it unfortunate that I was alone in a most gorgeous room? No, I had company. I was with myself. It was “our” time in a personal (and stylish) space, the haven for rest and rejuvenation after a day in hot and humid Bangkok. If I had my way, I won’t step out of the suite at all.

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is at 188 Silom Road, Bangrak , Silom / Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10500. Visit their website at http://www.pullmanbangkokhotelg.com

For bookings at this hotel, visit the Agoda website at http://www.agoda.com/pullman-bangkok-hotel-g/hotel/bangkok-th.html

Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on February 11, 2015.