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Checking the time at the Astronomical Clock

On Czech soil. The solo adventure commences here!

IT WASN'T like it used to be. Back then, planning a trip was a "jump and go" decision but as I advance in years, getting out of a comfort zone becomes an integral part in travel decision making. The good thing is I never lost the thirst for adventure.

For this leg of the European voyage, I'm glad I have friends, who are equally as thirsty to see the world as I am, who took the lead and clicked the book and buy button for me. There was no turning back.

Yes, just like many of my "first time to see the place" travels, the visit to the Czech Republic will be another solo adventure. But unlike my first solo visits to the cities of the continent, when I was thirstier and land arrangement was sorted out upon arrival, I made sure everything was in place this time-hotel was booked and the tour was mapped out.

Want something badly and it will be yours.

Prague has been in my bucket list for the longest time. The photo of the famed astronomical clock in the Old Town Square was one of the photos I stare at on my vision board day in and out and pictured myself standing in front of it. Out of nowhere, the Universe conspired and said it was time-my good friend Tenny extended an invitation to join his family to Europe, Des immediately arranged my side trip to Prague and Nico and Noemi of Agoda accommodated my request for hotel hosting. In a snap of a finger, everything fell into place.

Yes, everything. Even my 4 a.m. ride to Charles de Gaulle airport, which was originally a Metro ride, turned fancy in my cousin Jojo's sleek car. How much more spoiled can I get?

Early morning start of an adventure. A fancy ride & not the metro to Charles de Gaulle Airport, thank you good cousin.

I arrived in Prague very early on a sunny day. There was a marvelous adventure ahead of me. I knew it. The positive feeling was reassured by the kind and helpful individuals who gave me tips on the best way to get to the city center.

Seen at the airport arrival: Art installation for a directional sign? It works!

Although it’s a quick ride to the Old Town of Prague and taxis and city buses are available, the most economical and fun way would be taking the airport bus-metro link.

Your ticket to the city. Buy it here.

The coolest map & a ticket to the city. The bus-metro combo ride to the ticket is 32 Czeck Koruna, around Php 65.

“I suggest you take the metro and get off this stops (pointing on the tourist map I got from the tourist counter). Just follow the crowd at the bus stop, for sure you’re all heading the same direction,” said this Hong Kongese lady who frequents the Prague for business and takes the same ride all the time.

Down to the trains...

The local metro is as comprehensive as the metros of the cities with excellent public transportation system I’ve been to—Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Singapore, which makes it easy to move around the city.

This is the terminus of the Metro green line. I was told my stop was Muzeum but my hotel wa closer to Mustek.

Here comes my ride.

Stepping out on my stop, I lost my sense of direction. People were zipping around me hurriedly and I can’t seem to spot my exit. Where was I to go? Like a guardian angel, another Asian lady came to the rescue. “How do get to the Old Town Square, please” I asked. From that point I can find my way to The Emblem hotel.

She “tried” giving me directions but eventually said, “The streets in the Old Town is like a maze, why don’t I just go with you.” I’m glad she did because the short distance from the train exit to the square, we did a series of turns through narrow streets.

Finally, a cobblestone path opened up to a square. Lo and behold, I stood in front of the Astronomical Clock!

A selfie with the kind lady named Puchi was in order.

Woohoo! One off the bucket list. This is Puchi, a guardian angel, who showed me the way to this spot from the metro stop.

I lingered for a few minutes more in the square to study the square, watched the hundreds of tourists crowding the place, took a few photos, and stared at the clock as I said to myself, “This is my time. Thank you Universe! I will be back later to take the same night time shot as the photo on my vision board, with me on the foreground this time.”

With that thought, I went to find The Emblem hotel, which was, surprisingly, only a few meters from where I was at a moment ago. How fantastic is that?

How lucky can I get? The Emblem hotel is a very short walk from the Old Town Square.

Wait, there’s more. You won’t believe what’s inside this hotel. But that would be another story….


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