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The P in P’town stands for Peaceful (until summer comes)

All mine. Sunset at Race Point Beach, one of P’town’s popular beaches.

Fall. It was not the “usual” or recommended time to go but my good friend, Cris, planned the trip weeks ahead, took time off work to show me around P’town or Provincetown, a New England town at the extreme tip of Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

The West End Breakwater. Technically, more a dike than a breakwater.

Summer would be the best time to head to this resort town to enjoy the place to the fullest. It’s also the time when the peaceful and quiet coastal town of about 3,000 can shoot to 60,000 in population. It is a fun “mad town” of sorts that will host its visitors in its quaint hotels.....

Quaint home for a night in P'town.....

.....with the morning sun & great view of the beach to greet us.

Or you can opt to stay in a fancier pad like this- nice & costly (cozy, too), the Crown & Anchor Hotel.

....entertain them in its beautiful stretch of beaches.....

Gorgeous! But too cold to go for a swim at this of year. Maybe on the next visit.

.... and afford everyone with picturesque sunrise and sunset from the famous harbor where the pilgrims first anchored.....

The tourist & the anchor at the MacMillian Pier.

..... tease them into parting with their hard-earned moolah in the many cool boutiques along the commercial street.....

Lovely LGTB t-shirt designs.

..... and most of all, entertain everyone in the bars and dance halls or the streets where the parties spill out.

The music thumps at this club all year round.

P’town has a status as a vacation destination of gay men and lesbians. I can just imagine what a madhouse (in a good sense) this place can turn to during summer.

Out & proud. A really cool t-shirt.

Not this time though. P’town during the fall was the complete opposite, almost like a ghost town, “Imagine how crowded these streets are at any time of the day and night. The rainbow flags are waving in its full glory,” Cris said. But for the time being, we had the town to ourselves and a few other tourists mingling with the locals.

A ghost town. But wait 'til summer....

Don’t get me wrong. I had fun even in the absence of the crowd. In fact, it was a perfect time to take those “touristic” photos without having to wait for your turn on the famous attractions around town—the Pilgrim Monument....

The traveling feet & the Pilgrim Monument which was designed after the Torre del Mangia in Siena, Italy.

The town hall.

Be kind to nature. “Dune plants can tolerate harsh coastal conditions but can’t withstand the pounding of feet & vehicles.”

.....the town library and the interesting sculptures along the streets....

The public library at night.

Pot-bellied folks along the streets.

..... a deserted Race Point Beach at sunset.....

Picturesque, isn't it?

With my good friend, high school classmate & host, Cris, at Race Point Beach.

.....the row of shops on the commercial street.

No frantic shoppers (yet) at the commercial street.

Plus, it was nice to get a table at the popular restaurants without having to wait (which was still full even at the low season).....

A popular seafood restaurant in P’town.

A coffe shop with church pews & artworks on walls & tables.

..... a quick serving of drinks at the bar and find a comfortable spot by the fireplace at the town’s popular watering holes.

Warm & cozy on a cold night at the Shipwreck Bar.

The downside, though, is much of the interesting shops, art and clothing, were closed for the season (boo-hoo).

Sorry, no shopping for me this time....

Yes, this is an art gallery.

Art & it's many presentations.

I like P’town and it would be a treat to revisit the place on a summer, wearing lighter clothing, enjoy the sun and the high temperature it brings and (try the very best to) party 24/7.

Wishing it was summer....Shadow playing with Cris.

One last thing, it will be good to heed this travel tip from Trip Advisor: if it’s high season, take the ferry or a quick flight from Boston (unless you enjoy spending hours sitting in traffic).

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 16, 2014.