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What’s up MoMA?

THERE is always a place you will never get enough of visiting. Mine is The Big Apple. New York City’s air is thick with excitement and very Grease -- electrifying! I wish I go back and forth to the place like traversing the Matina and Bankerohan route.

...perfect, luscious red lips is artfully attractive.

If the wind blows me towards that area, there is one particular spot that I want to be whisked in -- MoMA. Being at the Museum of Modern Art is always a mind blowing experience. I get high, in a good way, after all, it’s “a place that fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration.”

...words, when unclear, can be misunderstood.

If MoMA has been called “the most influential museum of modern art in the world,” it truly deserves the honorific. Its finest collection of modern and contemporary art must be unrivaled. It’s my kind of art.

...Scream-ing is an artform.

MoMA was founded as an educational institution, and every learning center has a library. Just like any library it has its books, and MoMA’s multitude of tomes is its art—painting, sculptures, drawings, photography, prints, films, even electronic media, etc. And these are MoMA’s instruments to fulfill their mission of aiding everyone understand and enjoy the art of our time.

...whatever way you enjoy Coke is art.

However, unlike any other library, silence is quite impossible to find in this place. MoMA packs in droves of visitors from all over the globe everyday of the year it is open. It IS very popular that I can say it is a tourist spot. MoMA must be listed in the itinerary of all the tourists in NYC.

...this crawling girl here is Christina & she has polio.

But whatever draws a person in, be it curiosity, peer pressure, dragged by an elder, or the appreciation for the arts, the museum adds one more “student” to its educational mission. 

...art can sometimes explain itself.

With the diverse art collection exhibited in the vast area of the museum, there will surely be an artwork that will amuse and engage anyone, probably even the most unappreciative of art. Or perhaps, they never did really view a crumpled photograph or a toy robot from the 70’s as art and surprise them that it earned space in the museum. Isn’t that a learning experience?

...sex & violence can manifest into art.

If it is so, then I must have several red marks in my class card. In a way, I am a bad student because my memory has not been serving me well, and worse, I don’t notes. 

...Nuhma can smile when in front of the art she loves.

Well, I just came in to calm my mind from the overdose of NYC must-do’s, and yes, it works all the time. I always manage to exit with a smile on face after revisiting my personal favorites and catching new ones from whatever show I manage to catch.

...a Starry Night can light up everything.

So what did I learn on this visit? Does reassuring myself that I truly love modern art count?

...a crumpled photograph of Marilyn is art.