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To the Big Apple for a second bite

I love visiting places that connects its airports to the city centers.

The weather has turned quite cold. I didn’t like it. If not for Tenny’s insistence that I bring a jacket (one that was a bit too large for my frame but function clearly clobbered form in this instance) I would froze in this lovely city of Buffalo in Upstate New York.

There was a fierce storm brewing and I was glad to be leaving the place with good memories and stories to tell (which I did in my previous stories in this paper). After one more bite of the famous Anchor Buffalo Wings for breakfast (unbelievable, right?), It was time to move to the next destination—the Big Apple for another bite, and unknowingly, my shelter from the coming storm. 

One last bite before I go.....

On this leg, I was traveling with my next host, Jenny. She met up with the rest of the Davaoenos in Buffalo, us, flying from Houston and she, from Jersey City. 

Spot Jenny in this shot....

First, let me tell you about JetBlue, our ride to NYC. Just like SouthWest, it’s a low cost airline. But unlike SouthWest, JetBlue’s crafts are newer (and I like the smell better) and (thank God) seats are assigned (like we Pinoys got used) with individual TV monitors. But the wonderful thing about SouthWest is it allows passengers two 50-pound baggage for check-in which is good for shopaholics and tourists like me who amasses baggage at each stop.

JetBlue is a low cost airline but you get an assigned seat.

New aircraft = smell better. Plus, your own TV screen!

The Big Apple from JetBlue's "peephole."

I liked my first JetBlue ride and my first time to get off at the JFK airport as well. JFK seemed to be a better-looking airport than La Guardia, if you ask me, and it emits a more contemporary vibe. Plus, I liked the fact that it offered several public transport systems to the city, one more than La Guardia with the railway. I love cities that offer railway connectivity to its airports, the wisest and most economical ride for me. For this, NYC got a double hug from me.

Loving this airport terminal.

Yey, am back! With Jenny, too!

Check out the amenities.
The TWA Flight Center, a JFK airport landmark

Don't you just love NYC.

I was in good hands. Jenny, who lived in NYC for more than a decade now, made the best guide to this stop. I followed her lead. She knew her way and just like any other tour guides, she turned into a mother hen with several advices what not to do inside the train no matter how tempting it may be—a tall order in a cab filled with local passengers who were (truly) eager for attention.

We, who love this mode of transpo...

How to get to Manhattan....

So we reached our stop, the World Trade Center (where the memorial was taking shape). I love this part of the city! Sorry not because of WTC but it’s where Century 21 is, a building full of beautiful things. I had to do a quick courtesy call… even with a large luggage in hand.

Our stop in the city..... Century 21 first before taking the Path to Journal Square.

Jenny allowed me a few minutes of adoration in the place but snapped me back to reality as we had to rush back to her place. I will be in the city for the next few days. Hello NYC! It’s good to be back in your arms again.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on September 05, 2013.