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Throwback Thursday: Long live the Queen!

Long live the Queen!

IT WAS an unscheduled trip back to the US, three years too early, in fact. After hopping from state to state, east coast to west, crossing time zones in a span of sixty days, I was exhausted, very exhausted. Every city started to look the same (except for the Big Apple) that my reply to anyone who asked when I will be back for my next visit was, “Not in another five years.”

Guess what? I was spoon fed with my words by no less than a royalty— the Queen of Pop we all know as Madonna.

"Eat your words, bitch," said the queen to her loyal subject.

Well if I had to eat my words, why not do it in style? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Actually, the invitation came from a very good friend who went on vigil waiting for the MDNA tickets to go on sale online. The moment it did, he was able to score ten (yes, ten VIP tickets and no, he’s not a scalper, he lives by his “the more the merrier” maxim) before the tickets got sold out minutes after. He dangled one like a carrot on a donkey’s face (the wonders of Face Time) saying, “We better watch this before ‘manang’ breaks a leg (literally) or decides to retire. This one is yours should you decide to fly to the US.”

One lucky bitch.

The decision was a no-brainer, I wouldn’t miss this chance for the world. I have followed her past concerts on DVD and I dreamt of the day I’d catch my idol’s live performance. The time came.

Team Philippines set up camp at the Hilton Americas right next door to Toyota Center where the concert was to take place. On the appointed day, we were lucky to have avoided the long queue snaking around the venue.

Our camp site right beside the concert venue.

Our tickets had a separate entrance that gave us access to the VIP pre-show party (where MDNA loot bags with a souvenir program, poster and her majesty’s latest CD where handed out) and to the concert hall.

I was shaking with excitement when we entered the venue and looked forward to getting seated at the 10th row.

Take us to our seats....

Imagine our surprise when we were ushered to our seats—at the second row! 

Second row, baby!

As soon as the first note of the concert struck, I was on my feet.

The opening number....


This Girl has Gone Wild!

In true Madonna fashion, the concert was electrifying and visually striking as much as it was sensual and erotic. Each of the 26 segments on the set list, consisting of new tunes and the classics, of the Houston show was performed with high energy that it was impossible not to get into the “Madgesty’s” groove.

Nikki Minaj knows who the Queen is.

The MDNA Tour was Madonna’s 9th concert tour that went around the Americas, Europe and Middle East. The queen described this tour as "the journey of a soul from darkness to light" and the show was divided into four sections: Transgression, with the theme of guns and violence (Girl Gone Wild, Revolver, Gang Bang); 

Revolver-toting royalty.

Prophecy, with joy and unity was the theme (Give Me All Your Luvin’, Turn Up the Radio, Holiday); 

U wanna?

Here she comes!

Madonna & Child Rocco were into the groove in Holiday.

Masculine/Feminine, showed sensuality and fashion with a French Cabaret vibe (Vogue, Human Nature, Like A Virgin); 

Forever in VOGUE.

The French cabaret has never been this chic.

She's within reach!!!!! 

Like A Virgin, torch song version.

and Redemption, which the artist labeled as "a big party and celebration" (Celebration).

I'm A Sinner, her Madgesty confesses.

Hand to heaven in Like A Prayer.

It's time for a Celebration.

And so it comes to an end....

This was the first time I got to see Madonna and I was no more than two meters away from her. I was one of the luckiest fans in the world. Who knows what may happen on the next encounter, a photo? A hug? A kiss?

Nothing is impossible.

Happy. Team Davao after the show.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on May 16, 2013.

P.S. Thank you very much Tenny for making one dream come true!