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Soul Fooding & Moon dancing

Soul Food Mahanakorn along Soi Thong Lor

AN INSIDER helps (a lot!) when you’re in his town for a visit. Although I have been frequenting Bangkok for quite sometime, I never seem to get enough of the place. There are streets I have yet to traverse and countless restaurants I have yet to dine in. Day or night, for the palate or the eyes, excitement in Bangkok is endless.

Moon Dance Dessert Bar at K Village in Klongton Klongtoey

Luckily, the Pinoy insider I know also works for Agoda (my travel bible on line, as I have mentioned a few stories back). Not only can he recommend the best hotels in the city (or any other city around the globe) but also give insider tips on where one must dine in the City of Smiles, restaurants that the locals frequent and serve an honest to goodness good food.

Pinoy Triad- with Singapore-based Karyn F., Bangkok-based Nico M.

Tips, I need very much, tips Nico gave me and he went the extra mile, he met me for dinner. Being a creature of comfort, I have created this built-in navigation system that directs my feet to the directions of the restaurants I usually dine in when I’m in town. I was glad to have strayed from the usual paths this time and welcomed a new destination on the dining map.

Another character was in town visiting from Singapore and it made a triad of Pinoys dining out. Nico suggested Soul Food Mahanakorn along Soi Thong Lor in Sukhumvit and a short walk from the BTS Thong Lor Station (the Sky Train is the best way to get around Bangkok!). The part restaurant, part cocktail bar is a popular haunt for the locals and expats alike who grown fond of the regional Thai food this restaurant is serving—“mostly the sort eaten on the street” and served in a comfortable setting, as the owners describe their food and place.

Cozy interior. At the upper floor of Soul Food Mahanakorn.

Like any “well-attended” menu, Soul Food Mahanakorn chooses their ingredients. It sources it out from the small farms in the Northeast of the Thailand—organic rice and fair trade and the meats are free-range.

We left it to Nico to order what we should be trying and he got us these to share: Isaan Chicken wings (smoke grilled chicken wings served with sweet chili sauce and a spicy and sour naam jiim); Isaan and Chang Mai Sausages with Nahm Prik Nuum (house-made Chang Mai style saudage and cured Isaan sausage served with vegetable and grilled chili dip); Sticky Tamarind Ribs (grilled tender pork ribs braised in a tamarind barbecue sauce, caramelized pineapple chutney on the side); Gaeng Massaman (slow-braised, Southern-style Massaman curry with chicken-on-the-bone and potatoes). I have to say everything was delicious!

Isaan and Chang Mai Sausages with Nahm Prik Nuum

Gaeng Massaman

Sticky Tamarind Ribs

Isaan Chicken Wings

The mystery dish..... I can't pinpoint this dish on the menu.... SOS!

For dessert, we moved to the Moon Dance Dessert Bar at the K Village in Sukhumvit 26 Klongton Klongtoey. Object of interest: the whisk chandelier, and of course, their desserts. With coffee and tea, we had the signature piece- the Japanese Honey Toast (a cube filled with of sweetened toast topped with scoops of whipped cream) and the Chocolate Lava which turned out as a better (and safe) choice. I heard the ice cream in this place was good and would like to try them on the next visit.

Object of interest at Moon Dance Dessert Bar- Whisk Chandelier

House specialty- Japanese Honey Toast, was left unfinished--- with three sharing the dish. 

ALways a safe choice- Chocolate Lava.

It was a very nicely “full-filling” night, I must say which we had to thank our local Pinoy guide for. I shall be seeing Nico soon and am looking forward to another recommendation. Kaub koon krup!

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