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The O-Zone Layer

“You should visit the our ‘ozone.” It’s our hotel within the hotel, only it is for the employees,” said Susie Hansirisawasdi, Mandarin Oriental Bangkok’s Director of Public Relations. ”We’re pioneering this program, a first of its kind within the Mandarin Oriental Group,” she added.

By ozone, she meant O-Zone, a hotel-like facility solely dedicated to the hotel employees, an area which very few people know about. "The area is open, guests can visit, we would glad to show them around. It's an area we are proud to show everyone," said Susie.

The “brand” is a playful interpretation of three words: “Ozone”, standing for transparency, health and the environment (the entire floor reflects the hotel’s Green Awareness through numerous environmental initiatives); “O”, signifies “The Oriental”, and “Zone”, refers to the 10 distinctive areas of the floor- Sell, Fashion, His, Hers, Health, Café 48, Talent, Mind, Dream and Relax. O-Zone is a testimony to the dedication and passion of the 1,300 individuals who call Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok their “home away from home.” 

Welcoming the hotel’s colleagues to O-Zone is the “Hand on Frames” art installation, 48 plaster handprints of employees who have worked at Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok for the most number of years. It is Mandarin Oriental’s way of honoring those who are responsible for the hotel’s legendary service and excellent customer relations that made them a leading institution in the industry. 

This may be the chic-est staff lounge I have seen by far. The look is contemporary and designed by an award-winning Thai company, no less. And true to its hotel concept, there is a concierge, an entertainment area, a bilingual lending library, hi-tech meeting venues, a restaurant (Café 48), a gift shop (Kiosk 48), private quarters (His and Her Zones) with state of the art facilities and designer amenities - Davidoff for men and from Dior for women. 

“O-Zone is a platform supporting our unrelenting drive towards retaining and further enhancing the hotel’s employer of choice status within the hospitality industry. We recognize our employees for being the most valuable asset in delivering a truly legendary guest experience. O-Zone further demonstrates the respect and importance we place in our staff members, by providing a sanctuary where they can interact freely and creatively with their peers,” said Jan Goessing, General Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. 

“Team work and transparency are the two key priorities on which the O-Zone Experience has been designed. The areas dedicated to new office environments, such as Sales, Public Relations and Human Resources, are lit generously and share windows, creating a feeling of intimacy, yet openness amongst colleagues. The employees’ bilingual monthly newsletter “Sup Sip” contains articles written by staff members for fellow staff members, thereby further instilling a family environment within the workplace,” said Ms. Hansirisawasdi. 

“We are proud of the fact that O-Zone provides our staff with facilities that are on par with real guest facilities, making this literally a “hotel within a hotel” experience for all,” added Mr. Goessing. 

O-Zone is a fabulous space and a wonderful program, I must say. The tour afforded me an insight to the source of Manadarin Oriental’s superb and famed service. It is truly the nurturing of the backbone that the one can stand firm.

For more information about Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok, visit their website: www.mandarinoriental.com/bangkok/

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