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P.S. (café) I love you

This much is true: the number of critiques is directly proportional to popularity.
There are love stories and there are horror stories. The reviews about this Singapore restaurant scream from the opposite poles - staff: polite- rude, racist; service: quick-terrible, food: tasty, hot –mediocre, cold; rating: thumbs up-2 thumbs down. Extreme, I might add, and the list, lengthy. This is just to show how popular P.S. Café is, often times an entry in the Lion City’s most popular dining places.

Ask a local or a frequent visitor where one should go for the must-eat Singapore fare, chances are these food lovers will come up with the same recommendations but may differ in choices of restaurants. One must dine in a hawker center and Lau Pa Sat may be the popular one, the Hainanese Chicken Rice at Wee Nam Kee, Tian Tian, Boon Toon Kee or (the pricey) Chatterbox, the Chili Crab at Beach Road or at the No Signboard at the Esplanade, the Kaya toast for breakfast, Laksa, and for desserts, chances are P.S. Café’s name will pop up.

No doubt just by the sight of P.S. Café’s cakes, this “sweet house” will be imprinted in one’s memory bank. I am speaking from experience. The very first visit was at the P.S. Café at Harding along Dempsey Road with a crazy bunch of press people, the Royal Tru-Orange kid and a columnist turned blogger named Zee, among others. Yes, the company was memorable. But I’ll let you in on a secret, actually, the highlight of the visit was the glass-encased precious towering delicacy, tall enough to scale the high heavens, and a (hefty) serving is good enough for two. Sweet.

Memories of P.S. Cafe in Dempsey Road.....stopping Zee C. from straying from her diet (& taking my cake!).

Actually, no. This is why I fell in love with the cakes of this café, it has the right sweetness for my taste. I have tried a couple of flavors from their Signature Desserts and Homemade Cakes menus, the Double Chocolate Blackout and the Banana Cream Pie and they were nothing short of divine. Any saccharine craving will be gratified with each bite. The rest of the offerings, lovely to look at, will have to wait. The next visit will always be something to look forward to.

Once more, I found myself along Orchard Road in Singapore and I was ready for my next slice. As I made my way to the nearest P.S. Café (third level of Paragon), I realized that it’s been more than a year since my most recent encounter with the dark chocolate treat. The taste was still lingering on my lips. This time, it was time for another exciting flavor- the 3G. It’s not inspired by the mobile phone technology but a dessert concocted from Green Apple, Green Lime and Green Ginger. Tres bon! 
Oops! Sorry, it's G3..... Wrong SPOT on the G.

Would like to have the second entry again, but let me try 3G on this visit.

"Please, have some. Let's share this treat," said Me to Myself.

Like I said, a slice of this goodie can be shared by two. What perfect timing, I was with myself. No better man to share it with than someone who adores desserts as much as I do.

Now, you see it...... abracadabra!

Poof! Now you, don't..... clap, clap, clap....

What can I say, it was different, it was good but maybe not a dessert I will dream of. But on the next visit, I have identified what I’m having next, the Berry Chocolate Cheese!.... Or maybe the Banana Butterscotch! Hmmmm, I will decide when I make it back.

"Please let me take this. It's my treat," said Myself to Me.

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Published in Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 8, 2012.