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Chopsticks for three?

TABLE for three?

Yes, please. In three Chinese restaurants in Singapore, it was our requested seating. With this cuisine, it is best enjoyed in the company of friends. After all, for the Chinese food is at the center of many social interactions. More company would definitely be merrier.

It is true the Chinese conquered the world with its food. What are the chances of not finding a Chinese resto where you are?

In Singapore, where there is no shortage of resto of this sort, I dined in three Chinese food joints (with open kitchens) with good friends whom you can refer to as "locals".

Where: Din Tai Fung, Raffles City Shopping Centre food hall.
Who: with friends Christian and Karyn.

I have heard a lot about this restaurant. Finally, I made it to this award-winning restaurant that originated in Taiwan. From its humble beginnings, Din Tai Fung can be found all over the globe today. New York Times listed the resto as one of the world's best restaurants and a couple Hong Kong branches were awarded the coveted Michelin star.

Their specialty is xiao long bao (small steamed buns) which I got to try. The month's special was even better, the xiao long bao with truffles, which I can recommend you should try along with the other dimsum fare- the hakaw, red bean and more.

The service was quick ergo hunger was banished quickly.

Where: Teahouse The Asian Kitchen, Raffles City Shopping Centre food hall.
Who: with friends Googie and Veron.

This restaurant is Din Tai Fung's next-door neighbor and one of my hosts' favorite food stops when craving for duck. Their specialty is the crispy and fragrant duck that is prepared in three variants - the Teahouse specialty, the Herbal and the Sour Plum Duck preparations.

The vegetables are crisp and tasty and they recommend the Baby Cabbages with Century and Salted Eggs.

Service was good, quick.

Where: Imperial Treasure La Mian Xiao Long Bao, Marina Square.
Who: with Sharon & Dave of Tiger Airways.

It was the first time I'm meeting these Tiger Airways executives and no better place to meet than in another Chinese restaurant. This time at the Imperial Treasure where the Peking Duck and the xiao long bao are specialties. Of course, it was on our table along with other tasty dishes - the crispy shrimps and the sweet and sour fish.

With food to share that no three people can finish, I had to single out the specialty and finish those - the Peking Duck Wrap. From the rest of the dishes, I finished my third of the share. As much as I would want to feast on more, I was too full to even lift my chopsticks.

Three Chinese restaurants, table for three, all nice Chinese restaurants in their own way.

And chopsticks for three? Not all the time. In one occasion my friends requested for the good ol' spoon and fork.

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