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Bon giorno!

Good morning!

Early morning sight

There’s always something good in every waking morning in Singapore. Most especially if it’s the magnificent sight of the rising sun from the foot of your bed slowly embracing your room and the city that greets you.

Such were my days at the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore. It was always a restful night of sleep on the most comfortable bed wrapped in crisp white linens and down-filled pillows. The glistening lights of the city's iconic structures lulled me to sleep. And as the deep color of night slowly turned to a lighter and brighter hue of blue, I woke up to the gentle rays of the sun and a view of the glistening waves of the Marina Bay.

Singapore's lullaby

Soon after, I heard the Lion City roar as it geared up for another busy day. Or was it my stomach growling?

A reminder of the other item that excited about this hotel- breakfast at Prego.

Prego in Italian is a reply to thank you- Don't mention it!, You're welcome!, Not at all!; or an invitation to sit and even to invite someone to pass or go first. In this hotel, it means good food.

Prego is one of Singapore’s favorite Italian restaurants. Recently renovated to achieve the look and feel of an Italian Trattoria- communal dining, décor featuring Parmesan wheels, Italian Prosciutto and sausages hanging from the awnings, wood dining tables and carts for wine service by the glass, Prego gives an overall feel of a true Italian restaurant. 

Prego's Trattoria look & feel

But on the break of dawn, it is a go to breakfast place, and this was where I got my fill of the "most important meal for the day".

"Breakfast at Prego is exciting and filling. You will be amazed with the spread," said Veronica Orosa, a former executive of the hotel chain, with pride. "I will be joining you."

She was right and had every reason to be proud of the place. It was just the early spread and the place was abuzz. It must be busier when it turns into its Trattoria phase after breakfast. The pizzas and pasta are said to be very good. That's another good reason to return to this city and savor the endless serving of wonderful dishes. 

No playing favorites on a spread like this.

I didn't catch the shadow of my host, Veron. I pray she will have the heart to forgive me when I say I didn't miss her. Well, at least not on these early hours of the morning. Maybe I was too engrossed on the bountiful offering that I am looking forward to the next item while still enjoying the food on my plate. Honestly, I thought of her every time I head to the buffet to get my next item of choice.

On a moment like this, there was no playing favorites, and against my will, I shunned the call of the Diet goddess. The golden strips of crispy bacon were serenading me with Italian love songs. How can I resist such amore

Crispy golden bacon strips that sing Italian long songs, freshly squeezed orange & carrot juice, & tomato with egg.

If there was something in Prego that made me feel less guilty, it would be the fresh juice bar (and the cereal station which I just glanced at). The glass of freshly squeezed orange and carrot juice would be my equalizer on this balancing act of healthy and sinful delights. I will just have to believe that it worked for me. The thought of walking around Singapore for the rest of the day is a consolation. It's a guaranteed calorie burning activity for me.

The most important men in your life....in Prego...for breakfast- the barista for your morning caffeine fix & the "juicer" for your shot of health boosting potions.

It's almost 11AM and Prego is getting ready to don its Italian garb. I have to head out, freshen up in my room and get ready to meet up with Veron and Googie--- for lunch. Arrivaderci dieta!

Prego is at Level 1 of Fairmont Singapore, 80 Bras Basah Road Singapore 189560. 
For more information, visit their website at http://www.prego.com.sg/outlet/home

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on February 23, 2012