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A sushi story

While touring the impressive blue ribbon dining destinations of Singapore’s Fairmont and Swissotel The Stamford, I was asked, “What’s your favorite cuisine?” I quickly replied Japanese. “Good,” said my guides. From the 70th floor Equinox Complex we zoomed down to the 3rd level where Fairmont’s Japanese restaurant is. More than just a tour of the place, it was going to be an experience.

Mikuni is Fairmont’s latest addition to its list of award-winning restaurants. “It was formerly Inaguki,” said Wee Kit Lei, Fairmont’s Marketing Communications Manager, “the restaurant underwent a holistic transformation encompassing aesthetic and gastronomic appeal. Guests of Mikuni can expect century-old Japanese culinary discipline to intertwine seamlessly with modern techniques. We are having lunch here,” she announced.

Mikuni's main dining hall
Lunching with Farimont's communications officers Kit & Myra

We were met by the restaurant’s charming men, Nobuhiko Sano, the General Manager, and Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo (had I not been told, I wouldn’t have known he was Korean) whose creations “pay homage to the rich history of Japanese cuisine with flair and artisanship.” This 36-year old culinarian believes that, “Deep knowledge in preparation with the proper tools is paramount, and these are the equalizers of all cuisine, regardless of origin.”

Mikuni Executive Chef Moon Kyung Soo & General Manager Nobuhiko Sano

Two of Mikuni’s dining features are their robatayaki live station, a traditional grilling concept inspired by Japanese fishermen who cooked their catch over charcoal fire with an oar. Robata Chef Tsunemori Yamamoto breathes life to this timeless tradition and prepares an offering from a myriad of fresh and succulent choice seafood, meats and vegetables; and the teppanyaki counter where Teppan Master Chef Eric Teo spins his magic offering the freshest seasonal fish and prime meats. 

The Robatayaki counter spread & sushi counter 

Through Mikuni’s ambiance and delectable food, it was reliving the Japanese sojourn once more. I was looking forward to this culinary trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

I left the ordering in the hands of the people who knows the menu more, Fairmont’s marketing ladies Kit and Myra, and select which dishes of Mikuni should be highlighted.

For starters, they recommended the Chef Soo’s specialty sushi creations. He obliged to my request to prepare his signature Edomae Nigiri style sushi himself (since it was his birthday). “In creating authentic Japanese sushi, I focus on process and methods used by sushi chefs 140 years ago. Ingredients such as sushi rice must be prepared with precision and must not contain sugar. A traditional Edomae sushi maintains a perfect balance in terms of the size of fish and the volume of the rice to be used. The soya sauce must enhance the ingredients and must be customized to achieve optimum flavor,” shared Chef Moon. 

Chef Moon preparing his signature Edomae Nigiri style sushi

The showcase product proved the chef’s expertise. Each sushi piece on the Edomae style Tokujou Sushi plate, a feast of the chef’s choice selection of premier Chirashi sushi, was a delectable single bite melt-in-your-mouth treat. Welcome to Japan! 

Edomae style Tokujou Sushi plate

Nobuhiko Sano serving freshly grated  horseradish 

For the main course, I asked for what they want me highlight from the menu’s lunch offerings, it was the Kurobuta Tonkatsu Set (Black Pork Cutlet, Chawanmushi Egg Custard, Rice, Pickles, Miso Soup and Dessert). The ladies were having the Australian Beef & Ebi Ougon Sauce Set (Chawanmushi Egg Custard, Teppanyaki Prawn with Golden Sauce, Selection of Australian Beef Tenderloin or Sirloin, Rice, Pickles, Miso Soup and Dessert) and the Tempura Set, which they wanted me to have a taste of as well. 

Kurobuta Tonkatsu & the Australian Beef

I was able to sample everything and my Black Pork Cutlet was fantastic. The thick slab of pork was tender, juicy and tasty. The house specialty of Teppanyaki Prawn with Golden Sauce was indeed what they say it is- succulent, very tender and rich tasting.

For my most awaited part of the meal, the dessert, we ordered the Banana Harumaki- crispy chocolate banana roll, chocolate yuzu and frozen yogurt ice Cheese Cake made of Japanese baby orange, Asuki red bean and vanilla sauce. These were the prefect Japanese inspired confections to complete this leg of the legendary Mikuni culinary journey.

Japanese inspired cheesecake & the Banana Harumaki

There are other legs to this journey I know I should be taking for the offering of Mikuni is wide. This is something to look forward to when I get to revisit the Lion City again soon.

To everyone in Mikuni, domo arigato!

Mikuni is at the third level of Fairmont Singapore. 
For more information, visit their website at www.mikuniatfairmont.com.sg/outlet/home