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2011 jeepney stops


There is much to be thankful for. A chance to share a year of stories on this publication from my personal bucket list of travel destinations is one.

jeepneyjinggoy’s (jeepneyjinggoy.blogspot.com) globetrotting tales are meant to enrich the reader’s view of the world and inspire to see it for themselves, to move the long-overdue travel plans to the top of their lists, and finally take that first step to fulfilling intentions to visit the destinations of their dreams.
My first step happened in my 30s. Since then I never stopped walking.

I will not say the opportunity to travel came late. It was the Universe telling me, “time for you to explore the world, you are ready”. My economic capacity and personal time allowed it. Luckily, a good number of the trips came as perks of the job.

2011 zoomed by filling my chest of discoveries with more experiences. Visiting new territories and meeting new friends, revisiting places and discovering its other facets, the blessings are endless.

As each day passes, the world gets smaller. The opportunity to embark on a journey is everyone’s best friend with today’s wide choices. Airlines beckon you to hop on their planes and take you to your destination with the sweetest deals. Offers that were not available in the past are here for everyone to partake, enjoy and fulfill a lifelong dream. It’s your jeepney ride to the world ready to take you wherever you wish to go.

It is the Universe telling you, “Time for you to explore the world. You are ready.” 
Embark on your jeepney ride around the globe and share your experiences. It is your turn to inspire others.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 29, 2011.