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Empire State of Mind

It is what it is. In NYC there's nothing you can't do.... So goes the popular hit song that conquered the airwaves across the globe.
But long before JayZ and Alicia Keys rapped and belted their tune about their concrete jungle blazing with lights that will inspire you, the denizens of the city that doesn't sleep already knew that about their town.
The short story of the tall storey.

Empire State's famed residents

As early as the 1930, NYC has built the tallest landmark. It is the battle for the "world's tallest building" and New York City was part of this intense competition. In their city alone, three projects were in for the running- the Empire State, the 40 Wall Street and the Chrysler Building.
The latter two held the title for less than a year. The Empire State Building surpassed both after its completion only 410 days and $40,948,900 after it commenced construction.
Although the skyscraper's peak can be seen from any point in the city, standing on the corner of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street will put you in awe of the renowned 1,250 feet structure.
The Art Deco inspired 102-story structure derived its name from the city's nickname and has been named by the American Society of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonder of the Modern World.
The Empire State stood as the world's tallest building for more than forty years since its completion, not until the World Trade Center came along in 1972 and took the title. But it regained its title following the 9/11 catastrophe, the Empire State Building once again became the tallest building in New York City, currently the third in the USA and the fifteenth in the world.
Face-lift and floodlights.
The Empire State is now undergoing a $550 million renovation. This National Historic Landmark will soon be transformed into a more energy efficient and eco-friendly structure.
More than a tourist spot, the Empire State is one of the busiest building in NYC Housing 1,000 businesses and shuttling approximately 21,000 employees (as of 2007) to all 85 floors of commercial and office spaces in its 73 elevators each day makes it the second-largest single office complex in America, after the Pentagon. It even has its own zip code -- 10118.
Ever wondered about the changing colors of the floodlights bathing the top of the building at night?
It was in 1964 when this feature was added. The colors would match the season and events. It's red and green this Yuletide Season, red for Valentine's and on special occasions, it was blue on Ol? Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra's birthday, red, white and blue after the 9/11 WTC tragedy and the list goes on.

For us, the tourist, it's the Observation Deck.

The city is milling with tourists and getting to the top is always a challenge (applicable to career move as well). Imagine standing in all of these five lines -- the sidewalk line, the lobby elevator line, the ticket purchase line, the second elevator line, and the line to get off the elevator and onto the observation deck (no wonder they coined the description- "as legendary as the building itself"). But with your extra bucks, you zoom to the front of the line  in no time.
But once you are on the elevator, it's a quick ride to the peak . The deck you will stand on is  one of the world's busiest outdoor observatories. Now consider yourself among the 110 million (at least) guests who have made it to the top.
The breathtaking 360 degree panoramic view of the Big Apple from this skyscraper's observation deck  will be unforgettable. 
The images of the NYC skyline will be flashing in your mind again and again, perhaps, making you miss your trip to la-la-land. You are in the Empire State of mind. Worry not for  you are not alone. This city will keep you company. Don't you just ♥NY.
Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 20, 2011.