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New Year's (Travel) Re-solutions

"SEEING the world and x-ing at least one new spot in the global each year." This fills up the "about yourself" entry whenever the need arises. It has become a personal motto, taking heed of the Dalai Lama's advice. I believed and stayed true to this mantra and I have found myself in places I have visualized being in.
Explore more of Tokyo!
This year will be no different, I am writing down and seeing myself wandering idly on the streets of places I have been longing to visit - the Parthenon in Athens and the shorelines of Santorini, Mykonos and Corfu in Greece, revisit the Tuscany Valley and do a side trip to Venice, stay at a ryokan in Kyoto and explore more of Tokyo, immerse in a yoga teacher's course in India, scour a Turkish market and yes, take up a friend's offer to see Scandinavia!
The formula is eternally successful. You need not purchase a book to uncover a secret that is not even a secret. Visualize, stay positive, believe!
Dream! Write it down, say it, claim it, post it! Make a list of the places you want to see and visit. Be very specific of what you want. Visualization will help. Cut out from a magazine, paste your photo on that if you must and post it on a place you see every day. Voice your thoughts out loud, never mind if your family thinks you're crazy talking to yourself everyday at sunrise and bedtime. Tell them you're praying.
You have to want it enough and believe that you are already there. The Universe works wonders. Do not be surprised that you will be in your dream destination sooner than you think.

Along with the places on my wish board (so I see it every day), I have to abide by the guidelines I have made for myself. Call it a yearly re-solution (to re-use a working a solution) of some sort that I have to remind myself constantly of. You can even call it yours; I'm sharing them with you.
Immerse in a yoga teacher's course in India
Think positive. Like what I said above, it is important to affirm your goals
and believe that you are already where you want to be. See yourself already strolling on the streets, having coffee by the sidewalk cafe‚ or at the top of the tower viewing the city. Positivity will let you travel, a lot!
Do not be judgmental. Innocent before proven guilty should hold true. You hear feedback about a place you want to see, some good, some bad. But never take their word for it. They say "that place is filthy" or "it's very expensive there" and I say "well, let me see the filth and how expensive it is and say it for myself." Is not as if our country is sparkling clean and cost is subjective. I have disproven a misconception about Japan. You can find places and food that will fit your budget.
Do not let anything cloud your decision and hinder you from venturing into a land you long to see. Pre-judging your destination over feedback is no good. Best to see it and see the beautiful.
Listen to yourself. No one else can tell you what to do and where you should go first. You made your list, follow it. Friends can tell you to go to this place first before that, this is better than that, etc. Keep in mind -- YOU are the traveler and paying for your trip, not them. Your hard earned moolah goes to where you want to spend it.

Research. This is part of your affirmation. Keep your interest up by knowing more of the place long before you arrive there- the best area to stay, how to get around and reach the must-see spots, etc. This is familiarizing yourself and arming you with the necessary information to make the trip smooth sailing.
Learning about the culture of a country and the polite words and phrases like "thank you", "please" and "hello" will always earn top points in the eyes of the locals. I have proven this in France and everywhere, people are willing to help if you approach with courtesy.
Stay in a ryokan in Kyoto
Dare! Embark on a journey WITH yourself. If you want to go to where you want to go, prepare to travel with yourself. So that gets rid of the fear that you are traveling alone. Consider it as finding yourself or your ME time.
Relying on someone else may delay your trip, worse it will never happen, because you have to take someone else's schedule into account. Your time is far more important thus you spend it wisely. How else are you going to get to your dream destination if you wait for someone to go with you? Have you ever considered that he/she may her own wish list?
Consider this- you can wake-up or sleep when you want, walk, sight see and shop at your own pace and eat when you feel like it.
Your personal break time will help you renew your energy and concentration. Notice how you tend to be more observant and pay more attention to details. Plus, you are more open to making friends.
Sun, tan, dip, frolic! Santorini, anyone?
Throw caution to the wind. Whenever the chance arises, jump at it. How often does the opportunity come? File your leave and hop on the next ride to your dream destination. Remember that nothing is coincidental.
Whenever the window to travel opens, then it is for you, it's fate. You asked for it, didn't you? Do not make excuses that you have this project to finish, a meeting, etc. All these can be arranged, you have three choices to consider- finish it, postpone it or take it with you. Technology is on your side- computers and mobile phone.
Take the jeep while you're at it. Take whatever mode of transportation available to get to where you want to go. Be it bike, tricycle, jeep, car, boat, plane or the combination any two or more, the journey is as important as the destination. See the fun in everything, it's a learning process. What if you plan to be a tourist guide eventually? It's always best to know all aspects of the expedition.
Scour the antique markets of Turkey!
Luck, however, is on everyone's side these days. Hopping from one nation to another is no longer the cost of an arm, a leg or even your soul. All the airlines are offering very cheap rates. There is just no excuse to finally fulfill your dream to travel and complete your check list of must-go to places.
Finally, Heed the Dalai Lama's advice! Visit a place you have never been to every year. Do it! Near or far, there is exceptional pleasure felt in finding yourself in places you have wanted to go to and great joy in places you never thought you would be.
This advice will give you the drive to pursue your dream and eventually step on the ground you so want to tread on which you only have read in books and travel magazines.
All these worked for me, it will work for you. Who knows, we may just bump into each other in Santorini this October?
P.S. Share! If it worked for you, like I believed it would, pass it on. Let everyone have the faith that they, too, can fulfill their dreams of seeing the world. Nothing is impossible for the Universe is very generous and just waiting for us to ask what we want.
Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 06, 2011.
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