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Finally....a column head.

Years of traveling, countless jeepney, taxi, car, bus, bangka, boat, train and plane rides registering thousands of kilometers on my body's odometer, a million words have been written, hundreds of travel stories have been told and, with hands clasped in prayer, thousands have enjoyed reading my globe-trotting adventures in my column in SunStar Davao.

Ten years and unrecorded design scribbling after, the column head finally happened- JeepneyJinggoy, the Pinoy Traveler.

JeepneyJinggoy was born in Boracay in the company of great vibe and debuted on print at SunStar Davao on November 18th, 2010.

Thanks Denise Nicole (thehappyfactory.blogspot.com), graphic artist extraordinaire, for designing my column head!

Sakay na sa JeepneyJinggoy and see the world in the eyes of a Pinoy traveler.