To be pampered the Mandala Spa way


How long was it since the last pampering at the award-winning spa, I can’t recall. But what I can remember was how the therapy at the Mandala Spa was the best I had by far. The recent visit to the spa reminded of correct I was.


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
Tropical forest feels at Mandala Spa Boracay


It was a couple of years back since my most recent visit to Boracay. The place has become busy then and today, you can add “crazy” to busy. That’s how congested the island is in terms of visitors and business establishments. It’s like a small, busy city.

There are more spas this time. The proliferation is quite surprising. There must be a demand for it. Spa services are now peddled along the beach lane pretty much how the paraw cruise and other island activities are offered—on a laminated brochure. Island visitors don’t even have to look for a spa, it will be presented to them every few meters along the pathway. If you have a suki among the original manangs along the stretch, she now has a stiff competition.


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
Welcome refreshment


But there are those who will turn to the spa that they know will deliver the best therapy. Mandala is one of those world-class spas that they can rely on. The 2001-established spa has consistently been recognized as one of the PH’s best by both national and international award-giving bodies. This makes it difficult for the spa to keep its status of “Boracay’s best kept secret.”


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
Manadala’s path to wellness


To the regulars, they wish Mandala remains a secret. The spa’s popularity plus the large number of island visitors can make it difficult to book a therapy session, especially if they are staying in the island for a short time.

Unlike the other spas in the island, Mandala is a place of tranquility. Its exclusive address on a hilltop in Angol is a secluded paradise far from the crowd. In fact it seemed detached from the “real Boracay world.” Walking along the entrance path already gives you that notion, more so when you make your way to your private hut. It’s a tropical forest-like setting where the gentle sound of the rustling leaves as the wind blows urges you to relax. A nightfall, you can be serenaded with the songs of crickets and the occasional tune of the geckos.


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
My therapist leading me to my spa hut


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
Each spa villa is appointed with a tub and shower area


On the recent visit to the island, Liza Gamo, Mandala Spa Director of Sales, invited me for another session of the Mandala Signature Massage. It’s the therapy I am very familiar and one that got me hooked to the establishment.


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
Pre-therapy moment


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
Spa treatments start with the traditional salt water foot bath


The 90-minute Mandala Signature Massage is designed to ease you to a seep state of relaxation. The treatment uses long strokes and gentle stretches, and is the starting point for various spa treatment packages at the spa.


A selection of oils to suit your current mood


Ready to take me to my relaxing 90-minute Mandala Signature Massage journey


As expected, the therapy affirms why Mandala is on top of my best massage list. I wish I could have it everyday. But it’s also good to have something to look forward to whenever I plan a visit to Boracay.


Pampered like royalty at Mandala Spa, Boracay Island
A rejuvenated man emerges


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