2017, pinning spots on the world map

“Where is jeepneyjinggoy traveling to this year?,” was the common question I am being asked by everyone I meet.

Being referred to by my newspaper byline and online platform is kind of cool. It’s nice to know that the written experiences get its share of readers. Thank you and I do hope it inspires them to pick their bags, go to their dream destinations and come back home to relate their own inspiring stories as well.

First let me share the power of the vision board. Constantly seeing photos of dream destinations and written aspirations imprints the affirmation into the subconscious. Before you know it, the Universe is making it happen for us—at the right time.

Pictures of Kyoto, the Jidai Matsuri Festival, and the fall season in Japan have been pinned on my vision board, with the first the longest time on the board. Last year I was able to tick off the three from the bucket list. However, fall was caught on the onset of the season when the song of the autumn leaves was just playing the opening notes. I’m putting autumn in Japan back on the list.


Checked from the bucket list: Kyoto & Japan in autumn.
Checked from the bucket list: Kyoto & Japan in autumn.


2016 travel to Kyoto, Japan
Finally in Kyoto. One off the bucket list.


Still on the vision board are spots I will see soon (positive thinking always)-Venice, Istanbul and Agra. I will get there someday even if I have shifted my focus on Asian and domestic destinations. At my age shorter flights are more enticing while long plane rides plus jet lag are dreaded, unless I sit in Business Class. Anything can happen.

So what are the destinations this year?

I want to go back to Japan. Fuji seen from Fujigoko (Fuji Five Lakes) is the way to go. It would be great to wake up to this view on a clear day.


Mt. Fuji from the Five Lakes
Best way to see this peak: Mt. Fuji seen from Kawaguchiko (source)


Another Sakura encounter? Why Not? Perhaps in another prefecture, Kanagawa’s Hakone sounds great. It’s near the Five Lakes, the onsens here are very popular and the ryokans are breathtaking (and expensive). Who knows, maybe I can hit three birds with a stone.


China's Great Wall
Time to visit: Great Wall of China (source)


I’ve been holding this off for quite a while now, but maybe it is time to add Beijing, China.

The trip to an unlisted destination, Taipei, paved a visit to the National Museum, which holds treasures from the Forbidden City. If it was the sign to the China journey to see the other amazing sights of Beijing, I will wish the trip to happen.


China's Forbidden City
Must see Taiwan’s sister museum in the Forbidden City in China (source)


Korea, please take me to Korea and make a telenovela happen, one with a happily ever after ending, of course. Grin.

On the domestic front, I am crossing my fingers that I make it to Batanes this year. If the place is too far north, then I’d like to explore the Davao region and Surigao’s wonders.


Must see in Surigao del Norte
In the neighborhood: Sohoton Cave in Bucas Grande Island in Surigao del Norte (source)


Oh, I have yet to swim with a butanding in Oslob.

Another destination on my bucket list I’ll be flying to is Coron, Palawan, and it’s going to be in style, I have to thank my good friend Tenny for making this happen.


First stop in 2017 Coron, Palawan
First destination of the year: Coron, Palawan (source)


Bangkok and Hong Kong is set in February. In the company of friends, it’s going to be a blast!

Those are the destinations pinned on my travel map this year. Surprise trips are very much welcome.

What’s on your vision board?

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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