Taipei artisanal wares, bag it!


If you haven’t filled up your shopping bag with Taiwanese-made designer knickknacks at the boutique and souvenir shops of the Songshan Cultural & Creative Park, then head to the neighboring building in the same compound. I am pretty sure you’ll be toting an extra bag home.


The new Horizon Building & the old tobacco factory warehouses at SCCP
The old & the new. The New Horizon Building within the historic site of the old tobacco factory


It’s not hard to miss the curved, towering modern structure dwarfing the old tobacco warehouses in the park. The 14-story building is Taipei New Horizon and was erected by the Eslite Group, the group that owns the very popular 24-hour bookstore.


The lunge of the Eslite Hotel
A space built around books. The lounge of the Eslite hotel (Eslite Hotel photo)


What is an Eslite edifice without its bookstore? The new address within the historic site has an Eslite bookstore as well, but unlike its bigger sister the operating hours are shorter. It joins the rest of the outlets on the directory that includes a cultural-creative shop, music store and dining outlets, all on the first four levels of the Japanese-designed building.


Entrance of Eslite Lifestyle Store
Entrance to the gorund floor of the department store


The upper floors house the recently opened Eslite Hotel. If you are a bookworm, then the chance of seeing the outside world is nil because not only are the room interiors sleek, but the social spaces are built with thousands of books as its greatest attraction. Think art plus architecture plus literature in every capsule.

Now, let’s fill in your shopping cart.


Unique accessories at Eslite Lisfestyle Store at SCCP
Seek the unique & find them here


Coffee mugs in diffrent designs at Eslite Lifestyle Store SCCP
The chemistry of coffee. Presentation is key to attraction


The Spectrum Song-yan Store is targeting the fashion market with its “modern cultural and creative factory” concept. By “creative factory”, it means that the shopper can actively participate in the creation of the desired item (think: DIY), or even have one customized, or just pick up what’s available on the shelf.


DIY leather workshop at Islete Lifestyle Store SCCP
Personalize it. Design your own leather goods workshop


On the second level of the shopping center, independent merchants offer you to try your hands on a local art industry like jewelry making, leather goods accessory construction, turn your thumb green with Japanese style plant decorating, ceramic making or glass blowing, needlepoint and embroidery, any of which will require a couple of hours or more of your time. It’s always best to allot enough time in this place when visiting.


DIY jewelry shop at Islete Lifestyle Store SCCP
Perhaps design & make your own jewelry


Glass making working shop at SIlete Lisfestyle Store
I blew it. You can say that of your product if you take a glass making lesson in this shop


Whatever you come up with, keep it for yourself as a special memento of your Taipei visit or give it as “pasalubong.” The personal touch will make the gift more special.


DIY jewelry workshop at Islete Lifestyle Store at SCCP
Special order or DIY your piece at this jewelry workshop


If you’re not into DIY, the selections of knick-knacks, fashion and home accessories, garments and local delicacies will fill your shopping bag to the brim in no time.


Taiwan made products at Eslite Lifestyle Store SCCP
Too cute not to take home


Humorous thsirt print design
Humor in print


The thing is, you msut know what you want to buy otherwise the “this is so cute” and “I need this” moments will be endless and before you know it, you’ve spent more than your allotted time in this stop. Believe me, I can relate.


Locally made bags at ISlete Lifestyle Store at SCCP
Interesting finds at the vast 2nd floor shopping arena


Shopping at the Islete lifestyle store at SCCP
This & so much more. Great finds at the second level of the store


Shoes at Eslite Lifestyle Store SCCP
If the shoe fits…. then go buy it


Listen, you still have the bookstore, the dining outlets that include a branch of world baking champion Wu Pao-chun’s bakery chain, and the first level shopping area to check out.

If you’re pressed for time, then perhaps planning another trip to Taipei is in order?


Locally made furniture at Eslite Lifestyle Store SCCP
Stylish locally made furniture. Well, this definitely way too big to fit your shopping bag, but you can always have it shipped back home.


To get there: Take MRT Blue Line to the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Memorial Hall Station, take Exit 5.

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