Bangkok malling: Central Embassy

You want a high-end shopping in Bangkok? I’ll point you to the right direction and better brace yourself for a card-swiping extravaganza.

If you talk Hermes, Givenchy, Chanel, Gucci or Prada then this ultra-luxury mall speaks your language.


Find the luxury brand of your choice at the Central Embassy Bangkok
The mall can speak the language of luxury


Hermes and Bottega Veneta x Vespa, find it at Central Embassy Bangkok
Need a ride? From Hermes saddle to Bottega Veneta outfitted Vespa, find it in this mall


It won’t get lost in translation when you utter Tom Ford, Martin Margiela, Christian Louboutin, Isabel Marant or BCBG Maxazria, labels that debuted in Bangkok at this shopping arena.


One of the labels that debuted in Thailand is found in Central Embassy Bangkok
Maison Martin Marghiela debuted in Bangkok at this mall


Or perhaps a word or two in the Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Michael Kors tongue?

High fashion is Central Embassy’s native tongue, but it can engage you in high-street style discourse of Lacoste and Zara as well.


Designer label for men, Tom Ford, at Central Embassy Bangkok
Men’s luxury stop


Let’s just say your conversations with this “chic personality” will always be interesting.

Hysterical now?

But before you take out that plastic fantastic, direct your attention to the building’s architecture. You have to understand the relationship of its form to its function. Believe me, you’ll love your shopping experience more.

The address was once the British Embassy. An embassy of luxury took over, where no appointments are needed and no invitations for high tea are required. You can come and leave—in style, as you please.


Access is provided between Central Department store and the Central Embassy mall
Central Embassy can be accessed thru Central department Store


The mall’s architecture exudes that Guggenheim Bilbao vibe with its fluid lines and glimmering finish—titanium sheets on the museum, aluminum shingles on the mall.

Inspired by the enameled tile details of the Thai temples, the multitude of shingles used on the exterior emit a rainbow of colors caught it its reflection. The metal cladding moves up to the tower, which houses a six-star hotel. From afar, the building is like Bangkok’s beacon of luxury.


Aluminum shingles are used on the exterior of Central Embassy
Inspired by the Thai temples’ mosaic finish, Central Embassy’s exterior facing uses aluminum shingles that reflects the colors of the city


You’ll meet “Freddie Horse” by the entrance (have a selfie with the mount, he’s famous). Freddie was molded into reality from the artistic mind of the famous Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero. In the art circle where it belongs it’s monumental not because it weighs two tons and took four years to finish, but because there’s only two of its kind created by the artist.


One of the 2 Botero horse sculptures stands in front of Central Embassy in Bangkok
The mighty Botero horse is welcomes this embassy’s guests


Quite the fitting icon for the mall, which was launched in the Year of the Horse in 2014, as Central Embassy wanted to embody the equine characteristics of strength, prosperity and companionship.

And your reliable shopping companion? The plastic. Time to take it out for a swiping good time.

Step inside this embassy.

I’m pretty sure you’ll freeze on your tracks, gasp and be amazed by the mall’s interior makeup.


Modern interior design in white for Central Embassy Bangkok
The interior is minimalistic, architectural lines fluid & the color stark white


Central Embassy is like a space-age movie set in the minimalist look. It’s large and airy with wide concourses in all eight levels reachable by crisscrossing escalators. There is never that sense of “too crowded” and everything is washed in white, which allows the boutiques to stand out.


Central Embassy in Bangkok has concourses that are wide & spacious
With wide concourses on all levels, it will never be too crowded for anyone


Perhaps that’s where you’ll directing your vision if you’re in the mall now— with your hands clenching the plastic (or is yours in metal?). Loosen that grasp, dear, make your way to each of the mall’s impressive selection of high-end designer stores and high-street labels (there are several floors dedicated for that) and swipe away!


Siwilai in Central Embassy Bangkok is the best multi-brand store in Bangkok
My favorite stop in the mall. Siwilai is said to be one of Thailand’s best multi-brand store with stylish & unique labels on its shelves


Made in Thailand, a store that sells leather locally designed and made goods
A homegrown label that carries everything from pens to bicycles


Tired? Hungry?

Luxury malls have fine-dining restaurants no less. That’s where you can take a break in before continuing on to your shopping spree.

Oh, Central Embassy is far from snooty. If there are the affordable fashion labels, it houses the affordable and famous restaurant chains, too. And I have just a dining tip for the food lovers. But that’s for the next story.


The Garden of Central Embassy Bangkok
An outdoor space, The Garden, overlooks the city skyline


Regular exhibitions are held in the Central Embassy mall in Bangkok
Exhibited pieces always take the larger form


Exhibits are regularly held in the concourses of Central Embassy Bangkok
A large greenhouse & a giant bear, nothing sould surprise you when you enter this mall


Until then, relax and watch a movie—for 1,500 baht. Yep, it’s that much to catch a film lounging on huge sofas, a butler service and a gold encrusted movie-stub.


The cinemas of Central Embassy Bangkok is serviced by butlers
Perhaps a movie at 1,500 baht a pop? For starters, you are handed a gold encrusted movie-stub


How to get there: Central Embassy Bangkok can be directly accessed from either Ploenchit or Chid Lom BTS Skytrain stations.

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