Seat sale! Time to #FlyPAL to the rest of the world, the Universe, rather.

Time to #FlyPAL…. again!

Your best friend in the sky- the flag carrier.

No more excuses! You say plane tickets to places in your bucket list will cost you an arm and a leg. Well honey, not this time. All you need is your plastic fantastic–your BDO credit or debit card, and you’ll be flying to your favorite cities, local and abroad, in no time.

All you need is to swipe this for great deals with Philippine Airlines.

It starts this Friday, January 29th when the doors of the SM Lanang Premier mall open for this…

It will run for three days until January 31st.  The book & buy deals will cover a travel period from February 16 to August 31, 2016.

Like they say the early bird always get the best seats in the plane at their preferred travel time. Why wait for the last day when you can be the first on line.

Let’s see, here’s a peek at what you can snag.

Domestic fares:

As low as Php 1,448.00  Davao to Manila (one way) 
                 Php 1,056.00 Davao to Cebu (one way)
and THIS!
International fares:
For as low as USD150 Davao-Manila-Hong Kong-Manila-Davao (per person)
Yes, that’s $150 ROUNDTRIP fare from Davao all the way to Hong Kong and back!


Flying effective March 15, 2016 in time for PAL’s 75th Anniversary is (drumroll please)….
Introducing PAL’s new route Davao-Cebu-Los Angeles-Cebu-Davao at only USD750
Roundtrip, baby, and coming from Davao! Imagine the convenience of checking through. No luggage collecting and lugging to check in again to your final destination. 
Now, get that ticket get ready to #FlyPAL to the rest of the world, the Universe rather. 🙂

Just in case you want get ahead of the rest, let me know if you want to tag along because we can be the first in line with this invite I got. This get’s us in before official mall opening hours.

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